Sergey Elevich: “In opposition “Zenith” and “Khimki” would not speak about unconditional advantage of some of the teams”


Former head coach “Himok” Sergey Elevich, talking about the expectations for the Euroleague match “Zenith” — “Khimki” and explained why they did not consider the suburban team is a favourite. He expressed the opinion that a large value in the upcoming game will have a psychological component, and also noted that the true potential of the participants of the Euroleague will be known by December.

— Of course, it is very interesting that in this match there are two teams from Russia, — the expert has noted in conversation with our correspondent Nadezhda Gushchina. — Despite the fact that “Khimki” have started this season better than Zenit, I would not say that the team is the favourite. For the reason that we play on another platform. But, of course, not to mention the fact that “Khimki” demonstrate a solid game. I like it. What will happen in this match, I would not want to make. But I have some assumptions on the possible situations that can happen in the game. And here I would not began to speak about unconditional advantage of some of the teams. No in this match favorite. And in principle in all matches of the Euroleague we see a bitter struggle, and all the teams participating in the tournament, very good quality. Yes, do not deny, of course, is in the Euroleague favourites. But they, too, stumbled. My opinion is any more or less concrete conclusions in this regard we can do later. It must be given that not so long ago the world Championships. Many players who participated in this tournament, tired. The peak basketball players will come by December, maybe by the end of November. At this point, we can talk about the quality of games of a particular team.

— As for Zenit, this season they picked up a very good squad. Gradually the team was the selection. The main gain is probably Aion and Ponitka. Well and “Khimki” on the strength of their squad looks impressive. But now it would look like in practice, before the match, hard to say. Here much depends on the scouting from the coaches in those situations that will happen at one point or another. It is very hard work. I want to see good basketball. It is important to understand that the Plaza plays very good defense all over the field. Replacement, which he does, saying that they are not produced spontaneously. Mentor “Zenith” everything is very well thought out. So, again, the match will determine the approach of the coaching staff for whatever the game. Very important role will have a psychological component. A lot of will determine the mood of both teams.

Match “Zenith” — “Khimki” will be held on Thursday in St. Petersburg.

Live broadcast of the meeting see November 7, 19:55 (GMT) channel MATCH! COUNTRY sites and

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