Sergey Golubovich: “Laugh that the players do not know what the litmus test”


Cup Glinka/Gretzky brings together the best players under the age of 18 years. For the world Cup do not come to the guys who play in the Junior leagues of America. Turns out, the mission of the memorial is stronger than the world Cup?

— This year the Americans brought a lot of new guys, as for them, the competition Glinka/Gretzky — only viewing event and one of the stages of selection. There’s just its own system of coordinates. The Swedes were not two leaders who decided to test in the national team U-20. The others were the strongest compositions. In this respect, I agree that this Cup can be considered a gathering of the best. On representation of it than the world championship.

— So, from the point of view of pure sport and competition, the victory is considered to be more objective?

— It was nice to beat the rivals, which act in the strongest squads. In this sense, the strongest tournament — Challenge Cup in December last year, where we also took first place. There just come all the strongest, without any reservations, plus participate three canadian teams. But it is difficult to say which tournament is more important to me. In any case, a win is always good, but the main task of the team is to prepare the boys for the next stage. It should not be forgotten that represent our country. We face in the international arena. Victories, we raise the prestige of Russian hockey. Any success suggests that the team is on the right track.

Сергей Голубович: «Смеялись, что игроки не знают, что такое лакмусовая бумажка»

Sergey Golubovich / Photo: © FHR

Canadians took seriously the defeat in the Cup final Glinka/Gretzky?

— Of course! If someone thinks that they belong to the intermediate tournaments without proper attention, then they are wrong. To lose is always painful. They, too, are under pressure for results. In any game it’s a shame to concede.

— We have extremely talented generation? Because neither Ovechkin nor coach, nor Panarin are unable to win this tournament.

— You now call the names of very strong players. But one, as they say, is a warrior. Although the year of birth Ovechkin was very productive for talent. But it did not happen. Now the development of hockey has changed dramatically. Even at the Junior level has become more of a struggle, increased speed, almost all collectors are able to make decisions quickly. In such circumstances, it is more difficult to grow individually strong players and get unique people, as the same Alexander Ovechkin. Don’t think I’m saying this in a negative way, but generation averaged. Due to the large competition, including from other sports, it becomes more difficult to find really talented guys. But the average level of teams is growing.

Сергей Голубович: «Смеялись, что игроки не знают, что такое лакмусовая бумажка»

Photo: © FHR

— You want to say that first and foremost, this victory of the team and not individuals?

— So. We have formed a good team. Had its leaders, but first and foremost we were a strong team that struggled, fought and due to the nature of the achieved success. You have to understand that in such tournament to come together and win one game, every team. So do not make any far-reaching conclusions.

— As a fan must accept victory in the Challenge Cup and the Memorial Genkigenki?

— We must understand that for several years in Russia there is a consistency in the training of hockey players. There are stages of development of children starting from the youngest Junior teams, ending with Junior and then first team. Each team solves several problems. But all the links in a chain. Our victory is a merit of not only players, although they play a key role, but all involved — the Federation, the first coaches of the boys, agents, parents, all people related to the system of national teams of the Russian hockey Federation. Our success needs to tell the fans that in General the path that we chose — he’s right. Although there is always something to strive for.

— You have said many times that you don’t want to highlight anyone from his team. For you did statistics and experts. Tell us about the best scorer of the national team of Russia Alexander flank and goalkeeper Yaroslav Askerov.

— With pleasure. It’s rather modest, decent guys. Because of their age quite mischievous. Not without sin, of course, happen, and acting up. In principle, I don’t have any hockey big questions in life. As for the playing discipline, by Sasha I have had a claim. He knows about them, but its pros blocked in the end the cons. Honestly, I did not expect that Alexander will manifest itself (in the final flank as a brace. — “Match TV”). It is sometimes not realized, but he gathered and gave a great game in the semi-finals and the final. Well done. The important thing is that the guys know what they are, where they are going, and working on myself every day.

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— Will someone now to recommend to the chief coach of the youth team Valery Bragin?

Communication between coaches of different teams — our duty. With everyone constantly connected. The only way we can help the children to develop further. Someone needs to give a chance to more senior team, someone to hold, until the head snaps into place. A lot of information derive from each other.

— You have not answered the question.

— There are guys that will recommend Valery Nikolaevich. They need to try in the youth team. Who? Tell him in person. How much? No comment. Would not want to pass this information to the press.

— When did you realize that these guys are able to beat anyone?

— In the first year of this year of the birth (season 2017/18. — “Match TV”) we went to the Tournament five Nations. I had to determine if juniors in nature, can they cope when the game is “on the removal of the body”. In the last match we cut with the Swedes for the top spot. That is, either we are or we have them. I don’t remember exactly, but the penalty minutes we had more than twenty, we are constantly playing in the minority, several times — three against five. It is important that the guys threw themselves under the puck, fought and did not break under pressure. Then realized that the boys have got character, and then do it.

Another important signal was at the previous history with the Swedes the four Nations Tournament in the Czech Republic. We won it, never missing a washer. This is a very long-no one could. If anyone has been able.

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— You really didn’t think about the fact that you can rewrite history? After all, the memorial Glinka, the Russian team has not won since 1995.

— Tried not to escalate. Generally not a fan of inspirational speeches. Guys and so everyone knew. Of course, I know that you can do something important. Maybe even some moments they feel better.

“18-year-old hockey players — not kids”

— How do you manage to cope with 18-year-olds who have inflated ego, the girls, and testosterone is produced in huge volumes?

— A good question. First, guys are not children. They have their tarakashki in the head, but in many ways they think like an adult. Secondly, I have 20 years of experience working with youth of all ages. Thirdly, the coaching staff are at least qualified professionals who help to communicate with clients. I think the main thing is to be honest with guys. When they understand that the work eventually leads to the result, all of their egos and other things go by the wayside. They feel that during tournaments, fees are growing in professional and human terms. Gradually turning into men. Guys need to prove that all is not in vain. I am not their friend, they know it. We primarily work. I more of a mentor.

— Probably, there were cases when guys were trying to meet secretly with the girls or somewhere to escape?

— They always want what you can’t do while working. Forbidden fruit is always sweet. We ourselves were. Maybe something I don’t know, but some egregious cases were not. Once ran to the girls from other sports, which were based in the neighborhood. We got them, but decided not to punish. You have to give the guys credit, they even to such things fit with a fresh head.

— How the coaches reacted to that?

— So we do not pass their. They don’t know anything (laughs).

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— It is true that collectors in this age have forgotten about studying?

— There are different guys. For example, Yan Kuznetsov, which was not in the tournament Glinka/Gretzky, but he’s our combat unit, went to the University of Maine. It is clear that with such a schedule it is hard to learn. Guys are mostly going to universities on distance learning. Teachers are in their position. To throw a study is impossible, but to combine, of course, already hard. We also try to enter the position. For example, Vasily Ponomarev took a leave of absence, went to University. Importantly, the study was not in vain, and useful in life.

— Feel they have a lack of education?

— It happens. Laughed along with the coaching staff recently. It turns out that guys don’t know what a litmus test and never not encountered it. On the other hand, the world is changing, still young people have more information in the head than in our generation. It is just different.

— They fight often?

I am grateful to the guys. They knew immediately what to show fists, it is necessary for the business and on time. To remove, to let the team not so difficult, but you will then in the eyes of people to watch. Always have to endure. Children know how to behave, otherwise they would not have won two tournaments in a row. Well done.

— Do you study the personal life of a Junior?

While she does not interfere with the training process, I’m not interested. But sometimes the mood and attitude of a person depends on the result. If you see that something is wrong, try to gather information, to somehow influence the situation.

— When was the last time affected?

— Right now effect, still can not influence (laughs). Sorry, it’s too intimate a question to be discussed publicly. Let me just say that guys grow up, show interest in girls. Leave someone, someone, on the contrary, take by the horns and dragged to where the girls need. In General, there is such a word — love.

“Playing in the KHL in the leading roles does not guarantee a hit in the national team”

— What you had in mind when he said that some guys need to reconsider the approach to hockey and to look at yourself in the team?

— Meant that they need to monitor themselves and understand how to continue to develop if they want hockey became a job. To see myself in hockey, and hockey in itself. Well, that bad examples in this respect is almost there. At the level of team unity. Some puts, but we are trying to besiege.

— The situation with Vitaly Kravtsov, who played in the NHL, but you did not take the Junior, of this Opera?

— No. He’s a great guy. In everyday life behaves well. There were, of course, we have some differences, but not serious. Took him for hockey reasons. He did not fall under the requirements and inferior to other guys.

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Chasing dream 🤹‍♀️

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— There is a pressure when you don’t pick these guys up?

— Of course. But it’s not direct pressure. Sometimes I hear things that a magpie tail brings that the clubs are unhappy, someone from the environment believes that I am wrong. People don’t understand how their pupil is not going to the world Cup. There was a lot of negative interviews about my choice. And don’t have any illusions that Golubovich unauthorized calls whom he will. In FHR employs excellent analytical and scouting departments with whom we discuss all the candidates. If the person playing the leading roles, this is generally not an indicator for me. He just may not fit in the team.

Either he has star fever?

— Unfortunately, there are instances when guys are already hearing thanks to the PR that is going around. They are beginning to be destabilized self-esteem, saying that he is one the white light of this, and the world revolves around his person. In this spirit, the players may not always give the maximum. They think that, once something already got, that can come in a Junior and just rest on their laurels. And to confirm their “star” status we need each day. It is understood not all. I’ll take a person more healthy and responsible. He will bring much more benefit to the team.

— You once said that you guys have a lot of childhood in the minds. What does it mean?

For example, many people love soda, fast food, etc. They still do not understand that it is better to avoid such things now. Please guys more responsible approach to food choices. In the Federation there is a medical service, it sends to the players the rules of supply. Honestly, I do not know a single person who did not break them, but in 18 years the boys have to understand that this is a children’s indulgence, you can hurt yourself and the team. We have the guys to control, to explain that there are useful substitutes. Water, normal juice, juice. Although every year to monitor the subject becomes simpler. A new generation of more professional approach to their work, better understand what is good and what is bad. Again, a modern 18-year-old hockey mentality is not the children.

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— How difficult it is psychologically for the boys to cope with stress? You they somehow help?

— Very cautious about the concept of psychology. In most cases, try to draw on its expertise to understand a given situation. To resort to methods of psychological pressure or treatment is necessary at a minimum. Honesty and openness is the best antidepressants. Although sometimes you have to cheat.

— There is a difference in mentality, level of play, the professionalism between the Russians from North America and Russia?

— Depends on the individual character of a hockey player. But if earlier in various circumstances the boys were away at a young age to conquer America, and it was fine, now I would not do this advised. In Russia, many clubs provide youth with excellent conditions, even better than in America. Our country has all opportunities for development. It is clear that I wish all clubs aspired to the standard, but it is hardly realistic. However, the majority of talented guys all have for growth in Russia.

Сергей Голубович: «Смеялись, что игроки не знают, что такое лакмусовая бумажка»

Photo: © FHR

— Valery Bragin said that the young do not trust in the KHL and in the Junior they come without match practice. In the Junior national team this is not a problem?

— We are constantly in touch with heads of clubs. There is an exchange of views on how to develop one or the other of a hockey player. Clubs interested in such cooperation. As far as I know, and Valery Nikolaevich began to listen. If a young player has earned his ice time and no limit will not be. All want to your pupil progressed. Common sense must ultimately prevail.

— You know about the situation with Vasily Ponomarev, who is forced to go to America because the “Wings of the Soviets” asking for it fabulous money?

— Basil in one interview said definitely going. But while he’s in Russia, nothing to say. I don’t know what his differences with the club. In this respect, cannot affect the club, I can only agree. View.

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