Sergey Handozhko: Once in the UFC, I realized that this is another level

The Russian fighter of the mixed style gave an interview on the eve of his debut in the strongest League in the world. News SMI2

– Do you think today’s speech is the most important event in your life?
– Yes, I think my whole life has led me to this moment, now it’s up to me.

– What did you do today on the eve of battle?
The day I had a light training session, sweated.

Your misogony was easy. You’re at your perfect weight?
– Yes, I did weight in one evening. Sat in the sauna, getting a good workout. I do not see much advantage in the weight loss of 15 kg. Velogonki – traumatic process for the body. I remember in the 77 kg felt that this is the limit.

– Originally your opponent was supposed to be a 33-year-old Polish Bartosz “Butcher” Fabinski, but he withdrew from the battle and you got a much more comfortable opponent – Rostem Akman. Do you think you’re lucky?
– I’m not sure about luck, after all Fabinski was injured and I wish him a speedy recovery. But I would not want to meet with such an opponent as Fabinski in the octagon. Bartosz is a large quilt, so this is his style. I will not hide that I am much more impressed Akman, who works in a more open style. I want to make his UFC debut beautiful and interesting fight.

– When it was announced that the opponent was injured, you’re not worried that the fight won’t happen?
– Initially had such thoughts, but deep down I was sure that Bartolo find a replacement, because there was enough time, more than two weeks. In our division many fighters and the UFC such an organization, where many want to go and get a replacement. I am sure, in wishing there was no end.

– You have several times saw his opponent at the weigh-in, on sardauna. What do you think?
– He’s a tough guy, calm, but the appearance of the opponent can be deceiving. I don’t do more on first impressions: can’t looking at him to say what he will be in a battle when you lock the cage.

– You said you wanted to go camp in the United States. What did not work and what can teach in America? Why could not arrange a training camp in the United States?
– About the beginning of the fight was announced two months, didn’t have time to go to the United States, to adapt and to come back. But in the future I really want to visit the American camp, because the work at the cage and getting up in the pit – American things that are not found in Russia.

Your haters after signing the contract said you early in the UFC. Do you think they will calm down, if you win?
– No, this is a special type of people who will find cause for dissatisfaction. I will say that the opponent was weak, that was lucky. I used these comments were taken to heart, but when I read some sports pages, especially football, that people write, then decided not to be nervous. These people just no life. I accept criticism, but empty hot air and negativity are not worth the nerves. This fight I do not to prove something to the haters, he for those who support me and for me.

– Are you satisfied with the terms of its contract? If they are comparable to conditions of the Russian promotions in terms of fee?
– I have a standard contract for four fights, and about the fees can say they are good. Working conditions in the UFC beautiful. In Russia, the League organizes AS a great spectacular show, but once in the UFC, I realized that this is another level. Everything here works as a huge well-oiled machine, they think about things that is immediately clear is the highest level.


source: “Soviet sport”

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