Sergey Karasev: “If left to judge “Spartak” and CSKA on the field, the excitement would be less,”


Russian referee Sergei Karasev, who will work videoreferee on the match of the 25th round of Tinkoff RPL CSKA — “Spartak” has told about preparation for the game.

— How to prepare videoassisted for this game? We are preparing not only for this game, and we do it constantly, exploring new experience and something that comes to us from Europe. Analyze the clips, we have a group in the messenger. We are constantly “in process”. Not to say that it is to this match, I sit and meticulously prepared. It is a process everyday and every minute.

— Worried you? The nerves are always there. Not quite used to sitting in the centre, always want to work in the field. If I had to judge “Spartak” — CSKA on the field, the excitement would be less, because it is familiar to us. We used to go out on the football field — said Karasev on air of the program “Rules of the game” to “Match TV”.

Recall meeting to serve as the chief arbitrator Alexey Eskov.

The match CSKA — “Spartak” will be held June 30 and will begin at 20:25 (GMT). Live broadcast of the meeting will show the channel “Match TV”, as well as sites and

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