Sergey Karjakin: “My goal is to win at the “Dakar” in three classes: ATV, buggy, car”


Champion “Dakar” in the standings ATVs and the winner of the “silk road” buggy Sergey Karjakin shared his impressions of the Grand Prix of Russia, compared the race cars “Formula 1” with the trains, and also spoke about preparations for the legendary marathon, which in 2020 will be held in Saudi Arabia.

— You were at the Grand Prix of Russia. The memorable weekend in Sochi?

— The first time I visited the “Formula 1”. Earlier it was not possible to watch the Grand Prix live. Where it was very cool, but on TV the nuances, of course, see better. Actually, I really liked the atmosphere on our Grand Prix. Was able to visit the paddock, there when we start the car. So loud the exhaust was! And when the cars go around the track, almost do not hear the motor. Aerodynamic body kits create a great turbulence of air, because this is some hum. It seems that the approaching train. As for the race, here I was struck by how goes Lewis Hamilton. So he has good endurance and strategy! He was in no hurry, don’t put yourself in danger. I was glad of his skill. This is the greatest racer. And, of course, serious work was done. The result always give the factors folded together. So no surprise that he’s five times champion. Upset engine failure from Daniil Kvyat, not allowing him to play in qualifying. But he made good progress during the race.

— You do in Sochi was your event?

— Yes, we had a platform where we showed a champion Quad bike and buggy. It was nice to be in the circle of lovers of the race — you know almost everything, and at this time you be a star. At Sochi it was impossible to pass so that you were not photographed. Very cool! Of course, it’s flattering. At such moments you understand that knowingly doing sport and give their all to win.

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— With the pilots “f-1” failed to communicate?

— Unfortunately, no. We came to the paddock at the moment when they were all in training. And then we ourselves are not free time was spent on the platform and autograph session. Well, just sometimes you have to rest. Tired badly in the evenings felt like a marathon run. In principle, I do not set myself the task to meet someone of the pilots. For myself I know that in those crucial moments of an athlete is better not to distract from the work. Here we need the maximum concentration.

— Talk about “Dakar-2020”, which for the first time in history will be held in Saudi Arabia. Recently to participate in the legendary marathon you built a new buggy.

It is very important that Saudi Arabia somewhere coincide with us time zones. That means people will be able to watch the race online. I think in this context, the interest in the race in Russia will increase. Yes, and athletes living in the Eastern hemisphere, have in this respect is easier than ever before. Before the New year I will try to visit in Saudi Arabia, to see that you are there. I think it will be in November–December. But anyway I’m still Sands “will train” in the UAE. As for the buggy, the car will now be easier and better in many aspects. Of course, we can’t call it a revolution. We must understand that we have a very serious rival in the South Racing. This is a great team with factory support. We try to do the car on their own, but I’m sure it would be cool. The construction and design of this machine took almost a year. Before two years we went to understand what you need. We were able to gather enough information to make it happen. I think that by the end of October will see our first car and start to run it. Of the new products we are tested on the “Silk road”. Something was visible to the eye, some not. The first two days brought the car and could not get her in the mood. And on the third day went very well, and no one could catch up with us. I hope the new car will do well in the “Dakar”.

— The ATV does not have plans to return?

Buggy is a very costly thing. I hope that in 2020 we will win “Dakar”. A win would guarantee that we will find sponsors. But if all goes wrong, as we had planned, finding partners will be difficult. Then, of course, will go on the “quadric”. But I really like the buggy, I would like to stay here. It’s a totally different drive.

— Distract from racing. The truth is that you try not to miss the home matches of football club “Ural”?

— Actually not so often you can get to the football. But I sincerely root for the team from my city and I respect the guys advocating it. Not very effective they started the season, but I’m sure they will rise in the standings that they succeed. In General, when possible, go not only in Ural, but also to the matches of our hockey team “the Motorist”.

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— Many riders dream to learn to fly a plane. You are the exception?

— Of course I wanted to learn, but so far no such possibility. However, recently my friend gave me a flight on a fighter. It was very cool. Did not expect that there will be congestion in the 7g. I have just in the eyes darkened because he cast the blood from the brain. When he entered a curve, was back pain. I had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the minute and a half, and I even made a “barrel”. The plane was piloted by a professional pilot. Generally, no preparation of the body in conditions such overloads very hard.

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— Before one of the home matches “Ural” honored hero of Russia Damir Yusupov and his crew. Know him?

— No. But of course, like everyone, had heard the story. Admire the heroism of these people. It is this act which need to be equal. Their example should be a motivation for young people — to act honorably and professionally.

— As far as I know, you often communicate with your namesakes — player and pyatibrat.

— Well, actually very rarely fails to communicate. Chess player Sergey Karjakin, for example, is very busy. The pyatibrat, too busy schedule. Anyway, it does not interfere with our good human relations. Try to be in touch with them. They are very kind and positive. With chess incidentally, we met a month ago in Yekaterinburg. He came to the tournament. We went out to dinner, nice talking to you. Honestly, I am proud that I have such a namesake that so many have achieved in life and in sports.

But you also achieved a lot.

— There is always something to strive for. My goal is to win at the “Dakar” in three classes. ATV — the “Golden Bedouin” is already on stage — buggy and car. Of course, the achievement of this goal requires time, but I really hope to bring it to life.

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