Sergio Ramos stood up for Gareth Bale


Central defender and captain Madrid “real” Sergio Ramos decided to stand up for his colleague Gareth Bale. The footballer told how he refers to the passion of Welsh Golf.


“I think bale is a great footballer. He’s always been very important for the club. You can find a lot of things about him in the press. Some correct, some not. We live in such a world, but must try to be above it all.

As for what was said about Gareth, I think time puts everything in its place. His fascination with Golf? Regardless of what each player does in his personal life, I think we should respect his Hobbies and even not to discuss them. We are free to do what you want, in your free time.

Definitely, professionally you are obligated to the team and the club and try to be as honest as possible. Then everyone can go home with a clear conscience or not,” Ramos was quoted by the Daily Mail.

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