Shlemenko said that Honeycutt is ready to rematch


© Photo : the Official account of Chris Hunicutt in InstagramMMA Fighter Chris Honeycutt (USA)Шлеменко заявил, что Ханикатт готов провести реванш

Vasily Konov Jr., the Russian fighter of the mixed single combats (MMA) Alexander Shlemenko told RIA Novosti that the American Chris Honeycutt agrees to carry out fight revenge.

Shlemenko last week in Vladivostok has lost Hanigalu decision. 35-year-old ex-champion of Bellator on the average weight suffered a 13th defeat with 58 victories.

“I didn’t receive any damage in battle, but in the match I was not feeling well. I’m surprised that faced with such a problem. Now we need to find out the reasons why I’m tired in the battle, said Shlemenko on the phone. — I am always ready for a rematch, I’d like to spend it. Honeycutt himself said he was ready to give me a rematch. But now we need to sit and think. I spend a lot of effort for community work. Now we need to fix some things, and I think that everything will be fine”.

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