Shvartsman follows in the footsteps of Schumacher, Estonia wins the WRC. An overview of the main racing series


Having dealt with two consecutive stages in the “Formula 1”, switch to other racing series.


Passed steps: 10 of 12

Next step: Sochi, 28-29 September

Personal credit: 1. Nick de Vries (Netherlands, ART) — 225 points; 2. Nicholas Latifi (Canada, DAEMS) — 166; 3. Giotto Of Onions (Italy, “Virtuosi”) — 155… 15. Artem Markelov (Russia, “MP Motorsport”) — 16 18. Nikita Mazepin (Russia, ART) — 6

In the main the youth championship of the interchange at hand. Nick de Vries has not won in nine races, but his advantage in the standings over Nicholas Latifi only continues to grow. Most likely, the title, the Dutchman will win already in Sochi, depriving the intrigue of the last stage of the season in Abu Dhabi. Bet on the home stage will try to do and a partner of de Vries — Nikita Mazepin, who was not able to Express themselves in a new series. The last time the Russians got into the points in both races in Monaco.

“Formula 3”

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Next step: Sochi, 28-29 September

Personal credit: 1. Robert Shwartzman (Russia, “Prema”) — 180; 2. Jehan Daruvala India (“Prema”) — 147; 3. Jüri VIPs (Estonia, “High”) — 122

And here is another Russian pilot season entirely can burn itself into an asset. After winning the first race in Monza last weekend, Robert Schwartzman strengthened leadership in “f-3” and is determined to put a championship point at my home race in Sochi. A protégé of the Ferrari could become the first winner of the new series, which is in 2019 combines the European championship “Formula 3” and GP3. Thus, Schwartzman will be on a par with Daniel Cuatom, Valtteri Bottas, Esteban a Window, by Charles LeClair, George Russell Lando Norris and Mick Schumacher, who won the “f-3” last season.


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Next step: Okayama, September 29

Personal credit: 1. Nick Cassidy (New Zealand, TOM’S) — 28; 2. Naoki Yamamoto (Japan, “Dandelion”) — 27; 3. Alex Palou (Spain, “Nakajima Racing”) — 20… 19. Artem Markelov (Russia, “Le Mans”) — 0

Alas, the debut of Artem Markelov in Japanese “Superformula” was not entirely successful. For two stages before the end of the season, the Russian has never made it to the points. But the challenge of the local pilots left the new Zealander Nick Cassidy, who after two third places on the famous tracks of “Fuji” and “Motegi” took the lead in the individual competition. The rest of the race, which will decide the fate of the title will be on familiar to fans of “f-1” tracks — “Okayama” (where in the mid 90-ies Michael Schumacher won 2 victories in the Pacific Grand Prix) and “Suzuka”.


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Next step: “Nurburgring”, 14-15 September

Personal credit: 1. René Rast (Germany, Audi) — 234; 2. Nico Müller (Switzerland, Audi) — 214; 3. Marco Wittmann (New Zealand, BMW) — 167

In the European “body” critical race also will be held at the classic formula track “Nurburgring” and “Hockenheimring”. Title disputes representatives of Audi — champion 2017 rené Rast and conducting a great season Nico müller, the best result which was 9th place in 2016. Of the remaining intrigue in the DTM can be identified unless the attempts of the “Aston Martin”, replaced in the German series “Mercedes”, at least once to finish in the top 5.


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Next step: Rally of Turkey, 12-15 September

Personal credit: 1. Ott Tanak (Estonia, Toyota) — 205; 2. Thierry Neuville (Belgium, Hyundai) — 172; 3. Sebastien Ogier (France, Citroen) — 165

Rally the championship smacks of a sensation. Estonian Ott Tanak scored 4 victories in the last five races and is now the main contender for the title. For four stages before the finish, the representative of “Toyota” ahead by a comfortable 33 points Thierry Neuville and 40 — multiple world champion Sebastien Ogier. If Tanak still bring the case to the bitter end, it would be a major surprise 2019 in Motorsport.


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Next step: Grand Prix of San Marino, September 15

Personal credit: 1. Marc Marquez (Spain, Honda) — 250; 2. Andrea Dovizioso (Italy, Ducati) — 172; 3. Alex Rins (Spain, Suzuki) — 149

But the main points had long been clear. In 12 of the past Grand Prix Marc Marquez won 6 wins, 5 times finished second and only one out of the race. There are 7 races, but the advantage of the Spaniard’s 78 points does not leave opponents no chance. And the funny thing is that at the start of the season, Marques was unhappy with his motorcycle, putting the “Honda” to sharp criticism. Now five minutes to six-time world champion can beat your own achievement in 2013, when he never finished below the third place.

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