Skala Johnson strangled his opponent in 64 seconds. The judge did not immediately understand what happened.


Skala Johnson strangled his opponent in 64 seconds. The judge did not immediately understand what happened.

On the morning of August 21 in Sioux Falls (South Dakota, USA) the Bellator 265 tournament ended. The main event was the fight between honored MMA veterans Sergei Kharitonov and Cheyk Congo , which ended with the Frenchman’s victory by submission in the last second of the second round.

However, this was not the only submission in this tournament. So in the prelims, one of the fights ended one minute after it began, namely between middleweights Dwayne Johnson (not to be confused with the famous wrestler and actor, although both are nicknamed the Rock) and Deven Fisher .

Johnson was the clear favorite in the fight as his track record looks more convincing than his opponent’s. Dwayne won five wins and two defeats. Fischer’s fight marks Rock’s debut at Bellator.

And Fischer, in turn, has negative statistics – four wins and eight defeats. However, all four wins were won by submissions in the first round. For Deven, this fight is also his debut in the promotion of Scott Cocker. It is noteworthy that he was signed after the defeat by knockout in the second minute of the first round in the last fight. And if you look a little wider, you can see that Fischer has won only once in the last four bouts. After this, one cannot help but ask the question “Why was he signed to the organization?” Moreover, he is 31 years old.

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The course of the fight was obvious from the very beginning. Skala began to justify the title of favorite and immediately pressed the underdog to the cage. Near her, Johnson shot his opponent with his feet, but these punches were in defense. Fischer also showed that he was good at kicking, although Dwayne continued to dominate the stance. So Deven remembered his strong side – working on the ground. The first takedown attempt failed. And the fighters continued the battle as if nothing had happened.

Ten seconds later, Fischer tried again to take a takedown, but he hesitated, which Johnson took advantage of. Rock grabbed the opponent’s neck into the castle and transferred him to the stalls on the choke, where he still grabbed his leg to immobilize Deven. After several gestures from Fischer, the fighter admitted their futility and surrendered to the “anaconda” of the Rock. The whole situation did not look critical, and the judge did not even immediately notice that the victim was trying to reach out and stop the torture. A spectacular and cold-blooded victory for Dwayne Johnson in the debut fight of the Scott Cocker promotion. Besides, this is his first submission victory in his career. We hope that the American still has aces up his sleeve to surprise us in the future.

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