Slutsky joked to a question about his racy phrase in English


The head coach of the Dutch “Vitesse” Leonid Slutsky in an interview with YouTube channel Andy van der Meid remembered his mistake in the pronunciation of English words.

When talking about the owner of the club in November 2018 Slutsky said the wrong English word sack (to fire, to dismiss) and the result is a suck (suck), why the phrase is offensive. This confused coach who took his interview, but he did not realised the error.

Van der Meyde reminded Slutsky about his mistake. The coach laughed and said that after the controversial phrase the President of “Vitesse” will be very difficult to fire him, and he will always be in good standing with the club management.

Slutsky coached Vitesse since the summer of 2018. After eight rounds, the team ranked fourth in the Dutch championship, having 17 points.

In 2017, the Russian specialist headed the English championship club hull city. Prior to this, the Slutsky coached CSKA Moscow, which became the triple champion of Russia.

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