Slutsky said about the inability of players to influence the process of restarting the season


Head coach of “Rubin” Leonid Slutsky, spoke about the resumption of the Russian Premier League.


“The players can’t read how to play or how I play. They can’t influence the process. They are not doctors, they don’t know it is dangerous to the fans or not. So here it is with the audience or not — is very little factor.

We decide what talking about. When players say to play with the audience or no — this is not their prerogative, not the coach, and draw. Because there are virologists who say.

To play or not to play… or Rather, to finish or not to finish — this is not only the desire of players because there are a bunch more background: restrictive measures, security, tests, return of aliens and so on.

Therefore, it is just their desire. The desire of any player to play football. I would really like to work every day and train. They would like every day to play and train, but in what format it should happen… That is, to finish if the season whether to start a new one… what everyone wants as soon as possible to get back to work — it’s a fact,” said Slutsky in an interview with YouTube channel “Comments.Show.”

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