Sobolev: I think Tikhonov does not like young players


Forward of “Spartacus” Alexander Sobolev, whose rights belong to”Wings of the Soviets”, shared his opinion about the former head coach of the Samara command Andrey Tikhonov.


“I can’t say that the coach is the worst coach in my career. I don’t think he likes the young.

We won once in Enisey, I scored a goal, and he comes in the locker room after the game and, laughing, asks: “How do you do it?”.

In all the programs he says he let the Sobolev ball on empty — and he doesn’t score, and scores crazy. So give me a blank, not a single time was not where I blank not scored.

Maybe for me it was good. I was angry at his words and I went and scored. He hunted me in the “Wings”, maybe on purpose, but it was tempered, and I proved,” — said Sobolev in the video on the channel “krasava” in YouTube.

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