Sparrows lost the second time of CSKA has stumbled in Nizhny Novgorod


“Soviet sport” tells about the most interesting events of the day in the NHL.

Synchronous lesions in the far East

“Cupid” is the last team in the NHL that has not known the taste of victory in the new championship. Wards Alexander Gulyavtsev before the match against “Barys” has lost four times in a row. The duel with the team of Nur the Sultan did not bring long-awaited success.

Khabarovsk difficult to accuse of lack of effort or will to win. All match “the Cupid” attacked constantly strained dangerous shots a goalie Edward Pasquale, however, the team lacked performance skills. Of the 31 shots on target goal reached only shot of Igor Rudenkova. The rest – “the Cupid” have something to do with the implementation, otherwise the first of his victory can wait a long time. “Barys” to their chances much more carefully treated (3:1). Goals were scored by Roman Starchenko, Nikita and Erica Mihalis Tangradi.

“Admiral” failed to repeat its success and for the second time in a row to beat the “Tractor” (1:3). Guys Peteris Skudra minimized the number of errors in their area and have brought little to invent in the attacking sailors. In addition, the wall mode turned off Juho of Olkinuora, but that is an excuse. The owners allowed the Chelyabinsk 45 times to throw the target. Three times the Finn capitulated. Washers were noted Lukas Sedlak, Yaroslav Kosov and Alexei Kruchinin.

The second failure Vorobyov

The new head coach of “metallurg” Ilya Vorobyov continued to rebuild his team. Urals abandon defensive tactics and tried to attack. Here and in the first period of the match with “the Petrochemist” Magnitogorsk tried to beat the opponent in the attack.

But the team Vyacheslav Butsaev was not going to easily give up the initiative. Equal better hockey was “Neftekhimik”. Zack Mitchell opened the scoring after a nifty gear on the coin from Eugene Rjazanskogo. The goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkina no claims to react to a throw from that distance was impossible.

Metalurh tried to turn the game in the second period. The guests were much more active opponent, but the goalkeeper Alexander Starichenko was for the people of the Urals an insurmountable obstacle. It is necessary to praise the defense of “Neftekhimik” – the defenders really played on his snout and not allowed Magnitogorsk to play on the rebound. In this style the owners have managed to kill the opponent with washers Timur Khafizova and Paul poryadina. Metallurg never managed to score (3:0).

CSKA lost to ousider

CSKA has unexpectedly struggled with the “torpedo” that settled in the basement of the standings. The army team came to the meeting needs concentration, for which he paid. The owners of at least not inferior to the current Champions in speed. Most importantly – the plant employees forced the team Igor Nikitin, off. Eight penalty minutes in the first period – a bit too much. However, this has not prevented CSKA to keep a clean sheet, and Mikhail Grigorenko to open an account.

But the torpedo still managed to punish the opponent because of overconfidence. The hosts in the second period came charged and struck Ilya Sorokin. From Damir Jafarova came out amazing shot into the top corner.

In most of the time to win was closer to the army, they created more dangerous moments. However, the meeting went into overtime, where the stronger was the “torpedo”. The winning goal was scored by Stanislav Bocharov (2:1).

“Jokerit” is gaining momentum

After a not very successful start to the season when Jokerit suffered two defeats in a row, the team of Lauri Marjamaki finally came to. First she dealt with Riga “Dinamo” (7:2), and now have beaten “Severstal”.

Although guys Andrey Razin fought with the Finns at least equal, and sometimes even beat a stronger opponent. “Severstal” was not inferior in movement, speed and creativity. But the goalkeeper Janis Kalnins was for the Almaz are an insurmountable obstacle. For half of the match “Severstal” has caused about 20 shots, but the goals made up only one. Distinguished Daniil Vovchenko.

Jokerit answered with a brace of Niklashausen. In the first case, he made himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, having made the interception in the middle. The second the puck, he received an excellent pass from the partner and scored into an empty corner. When the Finns scored for the third time, it became clear that “Severstal” will not recoup. This is the fourth defeat in five games for the team of Andrey Razin(4:1).

source: “Soviet sport”

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