“Spartak” and “Zenith” again hacked to death in social networks. Is trolling justified?


“Spartak” and “Zenith” again hacked to death in social networks. Is trolling justified?

The departure of Spartak from the Champions League provoked not only a sad hate from the fans, but also provided an excellent opportunity for jokes from competitors. “Zenith” did not stand aside, trolling in their English-language “Twitter” red and white.

“Football did not go according to plan,” wrote the club’s media specialists, attaching a screenshot where Spartak members ranked themselves as “the teams that will play in the Champions League next season” in TikTok.

Moscow responded immediately and posted a post with the following content: “Yes, we lost, but you are perhaps the last club that can joke about other people’s failures in the Champions League.” Two pictures were attached to the replica: the first – with the table of the group stage of last season, where Zenit took fourth place. The second – with the result of the match with Benfica in the 2019/2020 season. Then Peter also ended up fourth.

Some fans of “Spartak” went to the comments, showing the number of trophies of the Moscow club. At that moment, the Benfica fans were already amusingly involved, writing that the Portuguese had more titles than the two Russian clubs combined.

Interestingly, Zenit also trolled Spartak on TikTok, posting a video of a screenshot about the team that will play in the Champions League. After that, a video of the matches of the St. Petersburg team was glued together with the promise that only they will play this season in the main European Cup tournament. Spartak responded to this by publishing a video with all of Peter’s failures in the Champions League in recent years.

This is not the first clash between the two clubs this year. After the victory of the Italian national team in the final of Euro 2020, Spartak employees made a post with an ironic signature and mention of the match Spartak – Zenit (3: 1) in 2017, when Zenit was led by Roberto Mancini.

Peter immediately remembered another match in 2017, in which the team beat Spartak 5: 1: “We think Mancini remembers this match from 2017 better,” they wrote back.

Then the series of posts continued:

“Spartak”: “Congratulations, you then worked the whole season to finish it in fifth place, behind us.”

Zenit: “Congratulations, you were taller than us four years ago!”

Spartak: “We have won the championship 22 times. You will not understand this, because you have more accounts on Twitter than trophies … And you can also compare the number of stars on our emblems. ”

It’s so nice that the number of titles remains the main argument for Spartak in heavy disputes. In this case, the posts of “Zenith” are also controversial. Mutaz Shekhad, curator of affiliate programs and content manager of 4-3-3 media projects, in a recent interview with the Championship said that he sees nothing good in trolling.

“For my taste, the same skirmishes between admins are a bit overrated,” Shehad said. – You need to understand the difference between trolling and the desire to be funny. Trolling is when your club acts like a teenager, showing disrespect to other teams, their fans and the audience in general. It damages the brand image. Admins should understand what this or that post will lead to. The less narcissism on the part of the admin, the better for the brand. We see many of these examples on Twitter, where clubs troll each other, creating a toxic atmosphere.

On the other hand, when clubs exchange really funny jokes, try to amuse the audience, it’s great. But if you troll other teams and players hard on behalf of the club, that’s bad for football in general. ”

So another question is who benefited from this skirmish more. Indeed, at the first opportunity, Spartak will immediately throw away everything that has been saving up for a long time. And then Zenit will have to answer.

Although it would be better if they responded to each other with good results in European competitions.

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