Spartak flew to the Europa League. Why is it good


Spartak flew to the Europa League. Why is it good

After the expected departure from Benfica in the Champions League, Spartak is again scary in numbers: four defeats in the last five matches plus a streak without victories in the Champions League began to reach seven matches (lasts, if anything, from 2017).

However, even during the war (in offices, the Internet and generally around the club) – no matter how much you want it – it is important to admit that nothing new or frightening has happened with Spartak, and in the Europa League the team will not only be more comfortable, it will be able to solve your problems more calmly.

This is because Spartak went down to where it should be. Fedun’s club , unlike the old CSKA Giner, does not live on the prize money for entering the Champions League (this is an important image bonus, but not a guarantee of survival). And the reputation, the absence of scandals and the conditional 0: 7 from Liverpool in the future will give much more than six matches with top rivals, in which Benfica’s scenario will develop.

Spartak flew to the Europa League.  Why is it good

So 0-4 from Benfica in two matches at this stage can be perceived as (at the lowest cost for the nervous system) – it is a torment before relief in the form of the Europa League, which can give Spartak much more than the Champions League.


1. Benfica are Spartak’s most powerful opponents in any European qualification in recent years. Stronger than Braga, PAOK and AEK, losing to which was not only more offensive, but also completely illogical.

It is clear that Spartak’s fans would be more pleased to fly boldly, like from Athletic Bilbao in 2018, but due to extremely defensive football (with Bakaev as full-back), the red-and-white’s farewell to the Champions League is perceived as a failure.

Together with other troubles of “Spartak” two defeats from “Benfica” really want to call a shame and say that everything fell apart. But in fact, “Spartak” would not have been in the Champions League group stage anyway.

2. Yes, a lot is falling, but “Spartak” has not yet taken off from everywhere and ended up in a tournament in which it will be clearly more comfortable in terms of the level of rivals. In the Europa League, victories are possible – as well as new positive reasons for stabilizing the atmosphere, situation, and whatever.

In Vitoria opens a second front where he can prove that Moscow was invited to a strong coach.

The Europa League could be the salvation of the season with a tense start.

3. Spartak media will still make some noise in Europe. The promo for the match against Benfica with the eagle that flew into the cage gathered about a million views only in the English-language “twitter” of the club, it was written about by large Portuguese media and told by the Brazilian ESPN (can be considered a confession).

Spartak flew to the Europa League.  Why is it good

4. Europa League = psychological reboot, which the head coach talks about.

“There is a psychological load caused by the results,” Vitoria puts it more precisely. “The Champions League is over, the championship and the Europa League games are ahead, we need to fight further”.

5. Finally, the Europa League is about new cities and challenges for fan-travelers.


What do you think? Is the Europa League better than nothing for Spartak?

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