Spool of Russian football: how to sit on the bench and get millions


© RIA Novosti / Alexey FilippovBench of FC “Arsenal” (Tula)Золотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

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Золотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

Last season, sitting on a bench “Zenith”, most of all earned Mikhail Kerzhakov. The role of the second goalkeeper is always depressing: marinate the bench, not playing and aimlessly wasting time. But to the aid award. The Keeper on the bench 36 times in 22 meetings, “Zenith” has won (four winning matches tops), and then Kerzhakov has received a minimum of 117 thousand euros, which in terms of rubles — more than 8.5 million rubles. The amount, obviously, the minimum and earned more Michael: we have not mentioned the bonus for the championship and two wins in the Europa League. By the way, in three of the four matches when Kerzhakov is still out on the field — here’s the reverse side of the bench , — “Zenit” had lost.

Spartak: bonuses Artem Rebrov — a minimum of 2.2 million rubles

Continue the story of two goalkeepers. Artem Rebrov was one of the key players of “Spartacus” in the championship season 2016/17, but the last two years of almost not playing. The veteran red-white accepted the role even third Keeper, so glad and getting on the bench. This year the bonus system in “Spartacus” has changed, but in the past the main clip players had to pay five thousand euros for each victory.

© RIA Novosti / stringer / to go to the BankIgor Akinfeev, Andrey Yeshchenko and Artem Rebrov (right to left)Золотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

Last season the ribs 21 times remained on the bench of Spartak, with a triumphant smile, the goalkeeper stood up from the bench only six times. That is, the willingness to change Alexander Maksimenko champion of Russia received not so much, but still most of the spare parts: 30 million euros (2.2 million rubles). One victory happened in the Europa League, so probably in reality, Artem got more.

Lokomotiv: bonuses Anton Konchenkova — not more than 7.9 million rubles

Champion of the season-2018/19 views of the match from the bench — the goalkeeper “Loko” Anton Kochenkov: 42 matches on the replacement! Guilherme almost gave in to doubt yourself, did not receive injuries, he had no serious downturns. And Anton sat down logically. Twenty-two meetings for Kochenkova-a backup was successful is an excellent indicator, given the reward from the “Locomotive” for the victory.

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song / Go to the banks ofthe Goalkeeper “the Locomotive” Anton KochenkovЗолотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

In Russian tournaments the club pays the players for the success of 350 thousand dirty (after-tax — 305 thousand) and twice more for the victory in the Champions League (609 thousand). Have Kochenkova — 21 victory in Russia and one in the Champions League. Thus, he could earn 7.9 million rubles. But it is bets to back on the field, on premiums for replacement is not known. Therefore the logical conclusion: Kochenkov got a lot, but not more than 7.9 million.

At the “Akhmat” little reward, but the club and give Kadyrov cars

In Grozny on their hands. The club pays bonuses the least. For home win “Ahmad” pay 150 thousand rubles (two thousand euros), and for featuring success throws the card players more: 250. Home draws for the club, not rewards, and guest, at the discretion of management, can bring a pretty penny. Despite a small bonuses, “Ahmad” is still famous for a premium. The club regularly gives leaders the car. Machine as a gift — a personal gesture, Ramzan Kadyrov.

© Official page of Instagram in Denis GlushakovDenis Glushakov and Ramzan KadyrovЗолотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

The first car “Ahmad” presented to the player in may 2015. Ablay Mbeng scored twice in the gate of “Spartacus” (4:1) and received a brand new Toyota Corolla, which at that time was worth about 1.5 million rubles. Later Kadyrov presented by elite models Mercedes-Benz Magomed Mitrishev, Zaur Adaeva and Rizvan Ozieva. The total cost of the car could easily exceed ten million rubles (depending on configuration).

And more recently, on September 2, “Ahmad” bought a new Hyundai striker Bernard Berisha for the only goal (by the way, beautiful) against “Tambov” (1:1).

In 2014, players of “Anzhi” could get for 14 million. Each!

© RIA Novosti / go to photo BankTraining Samuel Eto’o of FC “Anji”Золотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

So who killed the love of Suleiman Kerimov to football. In March 2014, the owner of “Anji” promised to all the players for 14 million rubles, if they save the team from relegation to the first division. At that time personal bonus in the amount of 280 thousand dollars for the preservation of places in the elite and it was impossible to imagine. The hottest in this story that Samuel Eto’o, former player of “Anji”, promised to pour on top of all of 200 thousand euros (about seven thousand each). But the practice of stimulating mad money mediocre players has not worked: “Anji” flew to Germany.

Ivan Novoseltsev — main spare of Russian football

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danichev / Go to the banks ofthe Defender of “Zenit” Ivan NovoseltsevЗолотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

The limit on foreign players, the national team of Russia — what else you need to the price tag on the Russian player and his salary skyrocketed? In 2016, Ivan Novoseltsev with the scandal went from “Rostov” in the “Zenith” for eight million rubles and is firmly seated in Peter to the reserve. Novoseltsev was loaned to (he was in “Anji”, now in “Sochi”), then kept on the bench. All this time Ivan has received and continues to receive more than five million rubles per month. And this is without premium, which for more than three years had accumulated well.

Team Russia got eight million dollars for the home world Cup

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov / go to photostockLeft to right: Denis Cheryshev and Artem DzyubaЗолотник российского футбола: как сидеть на скамейке и получать миллионы

Our team was amazing. The quarter-finals of a home world Cup win over Spain and a defeat on penalties to Croatia — it was powerful. Every team, including ours, received from FIFA for participating at least one million dollars (the African teams got two, world champion — 38). At the exit from the group and further progress Russia has received another 15 million: the money went the RFU to pay off debts and expenses for the preparation of the national team.

In November 2018 the RFU has finally paid the Russian national team award in the amount of eight million dollars — half of the earned. The money was divided between all the delegation: coaches, players, staff.

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