Suleymanov: hi all, who said that “Port” is a sentence for us


Striker “Krasnodar” , Magomed Suleymanov Shapiro commented on the team’s victory in a return match with “Port” (3:2) in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League.


“Of course, I’m happy. I want to say Hello to all those who said that “Port” a sentence for us that we don’t go through, etc.

What is the point to enter the field, if you do not believe in yourself? The first goal I scored after a quick counter-attack, the second goal almost all the same, moved to their favorite left and hit.

With the score 3:0 believe in the possibility of “Krasnodar”, but realized that it would be hard, since the “Port” in any case, has not given up.

You saw how much was a nervous ending, they could play two balls. I want to thank the team that survived. Hope we pass and the next round,” said the striker in an interview to “Match TV”.

In the round of the playoffs, the bulls will clash with Olympiacos.

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