Surrealism at Barcelona: Laporta publicly supported Kohman, but forbids communication with the media


Surrealism at Barcelona: Laporta publicly supported Kohman, but forbids communication with the media

You’ve probably gotten a little tired of the Barcelona absurdity over the past couple of months. Then the president Joan Laporta , who won the election with a promise to keep Messi, says that the club cannot afford even the smallest salary of Messi – and lets him go to PSG. Then Ronald Koeman will confuse the name of the cult Catalan style and say “tiki-taki” instead of “tiki-taka”. Then he will read the message to the journalists on a piece of paper, without coordinating it with the club. He will complain that it is difficult to play good football with the players at his disposal. By the way, such complaints happen often.

And not a day goes by that the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, does not mention Barcelona. He takes revenge for breaking the deal with CVC Capital Partners and now kicks the club on a regular basis – for example, he says that Messi could have been saved, but Laporta personally chose not to do this. Why would a league president additionally drown one of his league’s two most valuable business assets? No matter. What business interests can there be when you can gossip.

And all this – against the backdrop of terrible results. If the defeat from Bayern was generally expected and can be explained by a personnel crisis, then the defeat from Benfica is already more difficult. And the match with Atlético, although it ended with a modest defeat 0: 2, was really hopeless in terms of the game.

Colleague in the “Championship” Polina Kuimova wrote about why, against the background of all this absurdity, “Barcelona” will not fire Koeman. In short, because of the money. But the lack of money to change the coach does not seem to describe the whole situation – everything is a little more cynical.

The first fact to start from is that Barcelona really have no money. Just that much. And if there is little news about a debt of € 1.5 billion and a record loss of € 500 million, then here’s another one. Two weeks ago, the vice-president of Barcelona, ​​Eduard Romeu, gave a long interview to the Catalan edition of Sport, in which he said that the fans had better be patient for two years and not think about the results.

That is, the version that Barcelona simply cannot afford Kuman’s forfeit is not a conspiracy theory, it directly follows from the fact that the club does not spend a single extra penny. But that’s not all.

Try to imagine that Laporta comes out to journalists and says something like: “Koeman? Yes, I would have gotten rid of him long ago, there is simply no money. So hold on, good mood. ” Can’t imagine? Of course not. Because no matter how low the club is, it is unacceptable to dive headlong even deeper on its own initiative. To admit that you are not firing a coach from lack of money is nonsense for a club with a history, such a loss of prestige, below which there is nothing. In a literal sense: any next coach after that will know that there is no point in going there, there is no money even for a forfeit.

That is why Laporta does not say anything like that. And he tries to save face. Hence the rhetoric that Koeman headed the club in difficult circumstances and deserves a credit of confidence.

A little clarification for understanding the context. On September 13, in an interview with radio station NOS, Koeman criticized Laporte for “talking too much on coaching topics,” and said that Barcelona “has a future thanks to him” – him, in the sense of Koemanu. That’s it, no more, no less. It is thanks to Koeman that the club has a future. It was about the number of young players at the start (those who are publicly criticized by the coach), but this does not make the wording less unethical. And after this interview, Laporta said that after the match with Atlético, Koeman would remain regardless of the result. This gives an idea of ​​the extent to which he has no money for the forfeit. So much so that he cannot fire a coach who is being smashed by Benfica and who criticizes the players and the club in return.

Therefore, it is probably time to put the question in a different way: why does Barcelona not fire Koeman? – but a little differently. What should Koeman do to get him fired?

Well, for example: to unfasten Puch with a whip in training and come to the press conference in Real Madrid uniform – yes, you can guess that this would definitely be enough. But what else? We don’t know, and neither does Koeman. But he cannot fail to understand all the surrealism of the situation in which he finds himself. No matter how the board of directors demanded his resignation, no matter how the kules rage, no matter how Laporta himself wants to hire a new coach, Koeman is protected. The club’s lack of money gives it better insurance than results.

In the craziest development of the situation, one could imagine how the coach, seeing that he cannot cope, begins to blackmail the club and sabotage the work process. Fortunately, Koeman is not the kind of person who will clearly abuse his position. There may be questions about his coaching qualities, but this is not an intriguer.

Surrealism at Barcelona: Laporta publicly supported Kohman, but forbids communication with the media

But the real development of the absurd situation in which the coach and the club found themselves. Against the background of all the support that Laporta has given to Koeman, he forbade him to communicate with the Dutch media during the break for international matches.

Talk show editor Johnny de Mola spoke about this. He said that Koeman and de Mol have agreed that the Barcelona coach will be on the air a few days after the match against Atlético. At the time of approval, Koeman did not yet know if he would keep the job, but in any case he agreed to come to the show. By the way, de Mol is his old friend, he even led the ceremony at the wedding of Ronald’s son, Tim. But after the release of the announcement of the program, the coach refused to go to it because of the ban from Laporta. According to the editor, he learned about this from the host himself.

The reaction of Kuman himself is curious: he, on the one hand, called the news “nonsense”, but actually confirmed that he had to go to talk shows, he just changed his mind. “Laporta didn’t know that I was going to be there. This is nonsense, there are no prohibitions. I myself decided that now it is better for me to take a break and be in silence. “

That is, there seems to be no ban, but he really changed his mind about going to talk shows and will not communicate with the press in the near future. At least, this proves that Koeman himself does not exacerbate the situation and does not provoke the club to pay the penalty by deliberately destructive actions. Against the backdrop of everything else, this will pass as good news for Barcelona.

The bad news is that Koeman is still struggling. And his decisions still don’t seem logical. Five days off after the Atlético match for non-national players – after he complained about his fitness? It looks like a random search like de Jong’s transfer to right-winger against Atlético. During the break, Koeman had to play everything back.

Well, in general, the news background around Barcelona remains surreal. One victory in the last six games, the coach criticizes the referees, players and his own employer, and he is forced to support him. Let it be for now. Vice President Romeu warned that fans need to be patient for two years, so there is a lot of time to clear it all up.


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