Swung left, cut right. O’malley fancies himself the best and is in for the fight of Jan. Video


Before the UFC 252 only a few days. As befits a “license” tournament, the roster assembled is great. In the second status event of the evening will battle Sean O’malley and Marlon Vera, acting in the easiest weight. Marlon Vera is 27 years old, Ecuadorian athlete, who recently ended a run of five victories. However, all eyes will be on his opponent: O’malley is one of the most promising UFC fighters that the promotion is making a serious bid. The 25-year-old boy with bright colored head fight record of 12-0 and monstrous power of the blow.

The American started his athletic career as a wrestler, but after the transition to mixed martial arts rarely shows work on the ground. After several victories in the little-known MMA promotions O’malley was interested in the management of the UFC, who invited him to the candidates tournament. There fighter nicknamed the sugar managed to surprise and soon triumphantly won The Ultimate Fighter. After O’malley quietly sorted out with Andre Shantaram and Jose Kinneson, and then gave him a serious contender – experienced Eddie Vineland.

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35-year-old Wineland career spent three times more fights than O’malley, but the presence of enormous experience did not help him. Abundantly tattooed athletes started the match with a cautious exchange of blows, and the veteran even managed a couple of successful hits. At the end of the second minute sugar abruptly ended the duel: the owner of a solid mustache was in deep knockout after just one punch! O’malley didn’t even go on the rebound because his opponent was a pity to watch. In the lean and the long arms of the young fighter really is hidden mighty force.

Качнул левой, вырубил правой. О'Мэлли мнит себя лучшим и вызывает на бой Яна. Видео

In an interview with O’malley did not radiate excess modesty: “I Believe I have the best striking techniques in mixed martial arts history. This may sound silly, because while I have had a few fights, but it is.” Sugar in General has a way with words and regularly ride up to rivals, his “pet” — defending champion Peter Yang. However, Russian is the master of trash-current and never remained silent. 16 Aug if O’malley wins the Faith of his possible meeting with Ian in the octagon are likely. American has stated that he hopes to see Peter as soon as possible. To fight two powerful puncher would be very interesting to see.

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