Tamer “The Tooth Fairy”. Dmitry Parfenov 45 years


The browser “Soviet sport” recalls the career of four-time champion of Russia.News SMI2

The former defender of the national team of Ukraine, Chernomorets Odessa, Spartak Moscow, and nowadays the head coach “Ural” with ease, under a morning coffee, made me remember three memorable events in his career, two of which got to witness live, and one I could not see.

In the season of “Spartacus” four times played in the European Cup against Milan “inter”. The results of the confrontation between “Spartak” was so dire that a bad attitude to this Italian team has entered me for the long haul. It is now long since “love” is gone, the tomatoes withered and desperate, I will not mention any player from the current inter lineup. But then… Oh! It was the team that still.

In the spring of 1998 “Spartak” has not coped with them in the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, and in November met again in the Champions League. Attendance in “Luzhniki” was excellent, but the game of “Spartacus” rug. In fact, this squeaking is a normal condition for any team that takes the field against the Italians such an elite bottling.

Had poskripet this time. Andrei Tikhonov scored a ridiculous goal, but in the end a little negotible. Damn Diego Simeone, the hatred which at that time was fresh as ever because of the episode with David Beckham at the last world Cup in France, scored. “Spartacus” missed and that year was not able to cope with inter.

But in the game itself, today’s birthday, with gusto and from the heart “gobbled up” is not someone there from the forest, and the Ronaldo. Parfyonov played right-back and in this area often were “tooth fairy”, but very often only to in a fierce battle with Parfenov, once again, to remain without teeth. Especially remember how Dmitry, despite the deficit in growth of nearly 15 inches, a couple of times in some obscure jumps and no foul was won in interplanetary Brazilian long balls. Tribunes roared from delight.

Wrote I thought, but is it true? For the extreme defender of “Spartak” of the time 15 goals – the result is more than solid. The same Dmitry hlestov, which is now a real star on Instagram thanks to a veteran freight train and the regular publications of the drink, which so excited the people after the review, Marat Safin, scored at a comparable time performance in the Spartak half. But there is an important caveat: hlestov has not performed a penalty unlike Parfenov.

Two years after the aforementioned match against “Intera” red-white took in the Champions League, the German “Bayer”. It was disturbing for two reasons: he was injured Yegor Titov, well, the Germans, the opponent is always not very comfortable, and sometimes just scary. And then there’s Michael Ballack in the squad and other oppressive joy… But the cost somehow! Write and find myself thinking that my memory is generally the only match alive, where I saw the victory of the Russian over the German club. Titov played, Titov scored, but in the end, when seemingly it was all clear, so I wanted not just to defeat the Germans, and defeat, the clink of hitting the ball into the goalpost from the penalty spot Parfenov in my ears still.

After the horror at Euro 1992, when the horror injury he received player of the national team of Denmark in collision with van Basten, I saw in the match “Spartak” and “Dynamo” shocked no less. But it could be so that I would not see anything at all. Now would not have written.

I was in a hurry. Over the morning shift and I rushed to his destroyed “six” to the country – it was necessary to catch a football! But back in Moscow on the panel lit up red light – farewell to the brake fluid. What to do? Right! Pour new, which is about 30 minutes likewise will flow away and the rest of the way to drive without brakes. Well, almost no brakes. A fool, of course you were. To say the least. But arrived in time and looked.

That episode was a disaster that no one wanted to stop. A sort of classic. And in a match where no one, in fact, not even a hint of a foldable game such joints are especially cruel and senseless. A kilometer from the gate, if equal, it seems that account… But sometimes it’s just that. “Spartak” has won, the reserves did, horror of horrors, Alexander Danishevsky, but broken in half, the bone of Dmitry Parfenov imprinted forever.

Happy birthday! And health!

source: “Soviet sport”

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