Tashuyev: the motivation of the “Krasnodar” even above, than at “Zenith”


Russian coach Sergei Tashuyev has estimated the chances of “Krasnodar” in the match of 26 Matchday of RPL against Zenit.


“I think the motivation of the “Krasnodar” even higher. There is a fight for direct qualification to the Champions League.

And for “Zenith” are not so fundamental when to issue a title. Gold still not going anywhere.

It will not work now — will have four attempts… the Main disadvantage of “Krasnodar” — the lack of match practice.

The bulls have only played one match, Zenit — three. This is a significant difference. However, this is unlikely to affect the pattern of play.

The hosts will try to take the ball under control and to attack in great force, and guests will count on counterattacks.

“Krasnodar” not so good returns to defense, so the chances of “Zenith” must be,” said Tashuyev “the Soviet Sports”.

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