Team Russia beat the Swedes on the Karjala Cup in the penalty shootout


In the second round of the Cup Karjala Russian team beat team Sweden in the penalty shootout, scoring two goals in seven minutes before the end of regular time.

The Russians took the lead midway through the first period. Striker Konstantin Okulov challenged for the puck in a strange area and passed the ball to teammate in CSKA Anton slepysheva, freely published on the gate and flip of the wrist struck the far corner.

After 4 minutes, the Russian team doubled the advantage after the goal striker “torpedo” Damir Jafarova successfully played on the rebound from close range.

In the middle of the second 20-minute the Swedes won back one goal after the penalty shot, performed the ex-player of “torpedo” by Carl Klingberg. Soon forward “Avant-guard” Cyril Semenov scored the most, finishing off the puck with a “patch”.

In the third period the teams exchanged goals. On goal by the Swedish defender “AK Bars” Mikael Wikstrand most of his puck replied utimes Nikita Soshnikov, who also scored a brace in the game in different rosters accurate throw into the top corner.

7 minutes before the final whistle Fredrik Hedemark again reduced the deficit for the Swedish team to a single washer, vegatibles from behind the goal Igor Bobkov and beating the Russian goalkeeper. In less than 3 minutes before the final siren Swedes managed to push the match into overtime after a precise long-distance shots Niklas Hansson.

In the penalty shootout were more successful Russian hockey players.

The two points of impact in the match was earned Damir Jafarov (1+1) and the defender “Salavat Yulaev” Artem Sergeev (0+2).

After the match the team of Russia became 2 points, the team occupies the 3rd place in the standings of the Finnish stage of the Eurotour. In Sweden 1 point and 4-position.

In the final round, which will be held on November 10, the Russian team will meet with the Czechs, the Swedish national team will face hosts of the tournament.

Eurotrip. The Karjala Cup. 2nd round

Sweden — Russia — 4:5 B (0:2, 1:1, 3:1, 0:0)

Goals: Klingberg, 29:55 (VIDEO). Wikstrand, 48:19 (Bal.) (VIDEO). Handmark, 53:11 (VIDEO). Hansson, 57:43 (VIDEO). — Slepyshev, 10:25 (VIDEO). Jafarov, 14:12 (VIDEO). Semenov, 34:25 (Bal.) (VIDEO). Opener 51:25 (Bal.) (VIDEO).

Victorious bullet: Openers.

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