Team USA basketball are unable to defend the title of world champion


At the world basketball championship decided the four semifinalists. Sensationally it’s not part of team USA, but for the first time such heights achieved Australia. Сборная США по баскетболу не смогла защитить титул чемпиона мира

French national team players (in dark uniforms) sent US to fight for fifth place. Photo: REUTERS

The world Cup favourites have fallen by the wayside one by one. Horrible officiating error, later officially recognized by the organizers, left in the quarterfinals Lithuania is the only country where basketball is sport number one. There is a reason to be offended by a referee and another notebook favorite – Greece, which is also, to the surprise of many, did not work in the playoffs.

With the quality of training of basketball referees bosses have yet to understand. A list of the sensations of the tournament in China this is not the end. The Turks eight years ago played in the world Cup final, and almost put the blades in the group stage of the Americans, having lost them by his own stupidity, flaunt in the final table on the 22nd place – an utter failure.

Amazing things happened in the first round of the playoffs. With a difference of 10 points is the strongest names of the Serbs defeated a young Argentina. The same one with which to compete in the group our team. For the first time in its history to the semifinals arrived envoys from a distant land of kangaroos and Australians. Yesterday they hurt sturdy and very cute Czech national team – 82:70.

But all these surprises on a global scale still faded last night when the throne was dropped home basketball the king vs team USA. 58 matches at official tournaments did not know defeats the American basketball players. The last time they lost in the semifinals of the 2006 world Cup, that is 13 years ago. Without medals of the world Cup left and not for the first time since 2002, when the star of the “dream team” failed in the tournament. All the alignment of the defeat of the United States from France with the score 79:89 – sensation on a planetary scale. Unless you consider who it is who and how lost yesterday in the Chinese Dongguan.

The Americans are unbeaten in official matches for 13 years. But without medals of the world championship the last time they were in 2002

– I’m tired of questioning about those who are not here. They didn’t want to come, it’s on their conscience. And here are 12 guys who wanted to fight, point guard Donovan Mitchell after the disappointing quarterfinals could hardly contain his emotions when reporters at a press conference, again started talking about the composition of the Americans at this world Cup.

– It’s just disrespectful to discuss now what we have. It is disrespectful to France, and to all other teams. France beat us, and no matter who it was composed, – the head coach “stars and stripes” Gregg Popovich, too, was indignant. Although actually, the journalists had every right to raise personnel issues.

Americans have accustomed the public to the fact that at any big tournament, they bring a “dream team”. The “dream team” can be of varying degrees of stardom, but even a pair of three top figures usually US enough to not experience problems. But this time the composition of “stars and stripes” was really quite mediocre. What to say if the star is in it – Kemba Walker. If you don’t follow the NBA, it is hardly ever heard such a name. Person of the caliber of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebrona James bypass current team USA party. Why let the versed coach Popovich and the Federation. But the indisputable fact – many American stars to play for their country refused. And those that agreed, were unable to maintain the highest quality.

Even from the point of view of the French names in this world Cup, with the Americans quite comparable. Yes, we saw France and harder to recall a team in 2013 that the great Tony Parker has led to a “gold” tournament. But in the current team of superstars missing. Nicolas Batum, Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobert, Vincent Poirier – all these guys play in the NBA and do it better than the guys who came to the world Cup in the USA national team. Add the double champion of Euroleague the Moscow CSKA’s Nando de Colo, and now it turns out the “famous five”, with which it is possible to go against the notebook favorite without trembling at the knees.

This is the best French team I’ve ever seen, because they are great in everything. It’s not just the attacking team or group of players that play each by itself. They are good in defence, physically strong, work well individually insure each other, play pick in the draft. In this team, really balanced and verified – they did an outstanding job – admitted after the match the head coach of team USA Gregg Popovich. Such praise from the lips of the 5 times NBA champion is expensive.

The chief Builder of this wonderful team and its coach Vincent collet compliments are accepted with gratitude.

– We are very happy. What would it say about the USA national team, she remains a team USA with all its qualities, – said the chief coach of the national team of France. – I think the key role here is played by our experience. The American players it is less, and it showed in the ending of the match. We played very disciplined and stuck to their plan and controlled the situation.

In the semifinals, scheduled for Friday, France will play Argentina and Spain with Australia. While Americans are the losers of the quarter-finals, remain in China. They will have to play 5-8 place. Today in the framework of this mini-tournament, USA will play against Serbia. The other pair is reduced to representatives from Eastern Europe – Poland and the Czech Republic.

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