Tedeev: Sadulayev clearly and intelligently fighting for the world Cup, saving their strength for the finale


© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov / Go to the banks ofAbdulrashid SadulayevТедеев: Садулаев четко и грамотно борется на ЧМ, экономя силы к финалу

Oleg Bogatov. The winner of the Olympic games in 2016 and three-time world champion Abdulrashid Sadulayev competently and confidently played the preliminary matches of the world championship in Kazakhstan, not wasting forces on the eve of the final of the tournament, told RIA Novosti the head coach of Russian national team on free-style wrestling Dzambolat Tedeev.

Sadulayev on Saturday in the weight category up to 97 pounds won against Nikolay Cheban (Moldova) and Magomedgadzhi Nurov (Macedonia). In fight for an exit in the ending Russians will meet with Alisher from Kazakhstan Yergali.

“Abdulrashid today is fighting very well and clearly, – has said Tedeev. – Full control over the progress of the fight and not spend superfluous forces. Sadulayev holding back a little before the decisive matches of the tournament – the semi-finals and finals. In fight for an exit in the ending Abdulrashid will meet with a fighter from Kazakhstan, which he is capable”.

In the other semi-final will meet Olympic Champions of different years – Sharif Sharifov (Azerbaijan) and Kyle Snyder (USA). The world championship fight takes place 14-22 September.

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