Tennis tournaments continue to experience, the athletes run away from quarantine


The players have stopped sitting around and preparing for the resumption of the season on 14 August, playing exhibition tournaments continue to become infected with coronavirus and sometimes violate the quarantine. Meanwhile, the organizers of major events are experiencing financial problems and estimate future losses. About what lives in the last days of tennis — a review of “MK”.


Alexander Zverev.

Djokovic bounces

The first racket of the world Novak Djokovic continues to be treated for the coronavirus that has infected at the tournament named after himself in the Croatian Zadar, and to fend off criticism for so unwisely organized competitions. “Die, Djokovic!” — writing on the walls of the city, which hosted the Tour Adria. “Now nobody will listen to,” says canadian tennis player Milos Raonic, initially refused to come to their homeland in Montenegro, where was held one of the stages.

He Novak, izolirovannye in Serbia responds to the haters in social media from the height of a man fully know the philosophy of this mortal world: “the Ship does not sink, if it is in the water. He begins to sink, when water gets inside. No matter what is happening around us. It is important that occurs inside ourselves.”

There is, however, the Serb, and those who are still ready to support it. Serbian epidemiologist Zoran radovanović believes that Djokovic just cheated. Ruled he is not, the safety protocols were not written by him, and for good reason, they say, he believed the authorities and the system. “He said that the problems with the epidemiological situation there, but it is not. The situation was much worse than said Djokovic, so he is guilty except in their naivety,” expresses his opinion radovanović.

Zverev breaks the quarantine

But if Djokovic showed his naivete, then another member of his tournament, German tennis player Alexander Zverev — complete irresponsibility. Zverev passed a negative test after Adria Tour, but upon returning home to Monte Carlo, still promised to withstand the 14-day isolation. He also apologized to the fans that put at risk people, taking part in the tournament, Djokovic.

But to sit here in four walls is not allowed young blood, and he, along with his girlfriend, model Brenda Patea, went to the party. Video celebrating tennis players, among whom was another player ATP — Luc Pui, got to the net. Now Alexander will have to apologize for it, and the organizers of the American tournaments including the US Open, more and more fear for the fate of their competition: the players will diverge from mandatory quarantine before the tournament, like cockroaches, have a chance to complete the competition.

The trick of Wimbledon is not going to work

A cancellation policy may result in financial disaster in the tennis industry, which is still trying to patch holes. And in the future, perhaps it will make it even harder. At Wimbledon this year turned if not to get away with it, at least not drown, because they had insurance in case of a pandemic. Now this trick may not work. The outgoing Director of the London tournament Richard Lewis said that the insurance companies will not offer this service next year. Perhaps in the near future, according to Lewis, the insurance market will take such a risk, but it remains to be hoped that in 2021, the pandemic will not stop at the sporting calendar.

The Davis Cup gave up

A year has already suffered not only Wimbledon, but the final of the Davis Cup. On the day, the press service of the competition issued a statement that after discussions of security issues and logistics, it was decided to wait till next year, but all 18 teams qualified to play in the final part, I’ll save it, and the results of the draw will remain in force.

While L’equipe reports that the reason for the transfer is not a pandemic. Just the organizers of the big financial problems. Sponsor is the company Kosmos, which has already suffered losses worth about 50 million dollars. And the postponement of the competition will save up to 18 million.

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