The American public has forgiven Medvedev. Russian has successfully started at the US Open – 2021


The American public has forgiven Medvedev. Russian has successfully started at the US Open – 2021

Russian Daniil Medvedev successfully started at the US Open – 2021. It seems that the American public forgave him for his outrageous behavior in 2019.

At the start of the US Open in the ranks of the Russians there are already losses. Qualifier Evgeny Donskoy imposed a serious fight on the 12th seed Felix Auger-Alyassim . But still he was forced to give up in four sets in 4 hours – 6: 7, 6: 3, 6: 7, 6: 7. The racket was also covered by Anna Blinkova , who lost in an hour to Valentini Grammatikopoulou from Greece – 3: 6, 2: 6. But Ekaterina Aleksandrova (32), Daria Kasatkina (25), Kamilla Rakhimova (LL) and Andrei Rublev (5) successfully made it to the second round. Moreover, Alexandrova and Rakhimova will play with each other.

The program of the first day was completed by the finalist of the US Open – 2019 Daniil Medvedev, seeded here under the 2nd number. For a Russian now, every start at the end of the season is a huge challenge, because he needs to confirm a rather impressive number of points earned in 2019-2020. In particular, in this tournament, he needs to defend 1200 points. Medvedev is called one of the main favorites of the current draw. Recall that the last two champions – Nadal and Tim withdrew from the competition due to injuries, and the 1st racket of the world Novak Djokovic is one step away from collecting the seasonal Grand Slam. The Serb has already won the 2021 Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon, and he only lacks a title in New York for a complete collection.

Medvedev is determined and does not hide his maximum goals for the tournament: “Djokovic is simply amazing. But I want to say that I will do my best to ensure that each of the Big Three has 20 victories at the Grand Slam tournaments. I’m sure Novak wants to win 45 Majors and play until he turns 55. But we are here to play with him on the same level and defeat him. We’re here to stop him from winning the US Open. Speaking only for myself, I want to win the US Open. I don’t care who to play in the final – with the winner of the qualification or with Novak. I just want to win this tournament. “

In 2019, when Daniel reached the final at the US Open, he had a difficult relationship with the American public. In several matches, they clearly cheered against the Russian. This reaction only turned our player on and gave him additional energy. In 2020, the tournament was held without spectators, and now the audience has returned to the stands again. And Medvedev was looking forward to a new meeting with his fans and ill-wishers: “It is difficult to predict how the public will react to me – will the same people be in the stands and, if so, do they remember 2019? It’s very interesting how the crowd will react to me in the first match. I hope that since our relationship ended on a good note, everything will go well this year. I love the public in New York. 2019 has been amazing in every way. I’ll try to do my best

In the first round of rivals, Medvedev got 35-year-old Richard Gasquet , who is 10 years older than Daniel. Tennis players have met twice before and exchanged victories. The Frenchman won in Montpellier-2018, and the Russian – in St. Petersburg – 2020. In the first set, Gasquet managed to impose a fight on Daniel. Only on the first serve of the Frenchman, Medvedev had break points, which he never realized. And in the future, the rivals confidently kept their feeds, until in the 10th game the Russian again got chances and this time made a break – 6: 4 in 49 minutes.
US Open – 2021. Men’s grid

The second set also began with Medvedev’s attempts to take someone else’s serve. He had two break points, but Gasquet deflected the threat. However, in the 6th game, Daniel made a break – 4: 2 and confidently brought the party to victory – 6: 3. It is curious that the public greeted Medvedev quite favorably. After his defiant behavior in New York in 2019, Daniel seems to have been able to make friends with the audience. They applauded with pleasure the successful and effective strikes of the Russian.

In the third game, Daniel’s advantage was even more tangible. The French veteran increasingly did not keep up with Medvedev’s blows, made mistakes, and the Russian took advantage of it. Gasquet was able to take only the starting serve, and then Daniel won 6 games in a row – 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 1 in 2 hours of struggle.

successfully started at the US Open – 2021. His rival in the 2nd round will be the German Dominik Koepfer , whom the Russian defeated just at the US Open – 2019.


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