The Argentines knocked the Serb in the quarterfinals of the basketball world Cup in 2019


Decided first semifinalist of the world championship on basketball in China. Quarterfinal program opened the match in donguan where Argentina unexpectedly knocked out of the tournament Serbia – 97:87. Аргентинцы выбили сербов в четвертьфинале баскетбольного ЧМ-2019

Photo: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The first impression is that Dongguan is perhaps the most basketball city in which I happened to be at this world Cup. On the wall of a random subway stations – a huge mural on the theme of basketball, at the output of the other advertising exposure in a local exhibition centre dedicated to the National basketball Association. And, of course, everywhere a reminder about the ongoing world Cup 2019: giant banners, banners smaller, all kinds of streamers, flags, and so on. Well, the crown “of basketbolisti the” Dongguan local basketball centre, recently constructed in 2015. Awesome in its power and beauty the building, which at the time was opened by the legend of the Chinese sports Yao Ming. Of course, there are also held concerts, and other events, but the primary purpose of the centre is evidenced by the inscription on the facade and huge sculptural composition out of hand, fighting for the basketball in front of the stage.

So I guess it’s fair that Dongguan along with Shanghai have got the right to hold matches of the quarter-final stage. And with what teams. Here today with the French will play super popular in China, the Americans, and yesterday met the Serbs, who were considered among the main contenders for the world Cup and the Argentines. Eccentric fans that one that the other team has secured the entourage in the stands. A basketball game at a high level.

The Serbs failed opening period of the match, but by the end of the first quarter caught up with Argentina – 23:25. Not having any jumper. On the eve of the Argentine journalists Hochma, saying that even if the Serbs are to disqualify five players, they are still easy to deal with South Americans. In vain pessimism. Even after letting to his opponent, Luis Scola and the company continued to stay slightly ahead. The big break the team went with the score 54:49 in favor of the Argentines. The paradox is that they outright lost selection 7-25.

In the second half of the Serbs, though behind, but not the feeling that they control everything and there will add and beat the South Americans. But the Argentines suddenly began to fly crazy balls with fouls, and Serbia, on the contrary, everything went wrong. Even two consecutive long range exact “trehi” Bogdan Bogdanovich did not help. Argentina caught the spirit and brought the matter to an unexpected victory. Here is not superfluous to recall that with the Argentines in the first group stage played Russia, very dignified, losing with a score of 61:69.

Today’s other quarterfinals, Spain – Poland will begin in Shanghai at 16.00 Moscow time.

11 September, Wednesday

“Match! The game”

14.00 USA – France. Video stream

16.00 Australia – Czech Republic. Video stream

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