“The bath is good. But my President is Putin and Lukashenko”. Glushakov for quarantine


Grozny, “Akhmad” the last of the Russian clubs went to the official (“Spartak” urges everyone to stay home, but, according to our information, conducts classes in the closed mode) quarantine and stopped the training. We live “Instagram” contacted Denis by Gusakovym and learned how things in Chechnya.

“My President is Putin and Lukashenko”

— In a lot of videos, like in Grozny drive people home. Really all right?
Such no, ‘ answered Dennis. But there are General rules that must be respected. Let, for example, to go to the store or pharmacy I did. But generally we are a team based in the hotel and without the need on the street do not appear. However, in football, PAH-PAH-PAH, good immunity. Sick those over 60.

— Fear no special?
I ate garlic all charges, and had no idea at all about the coronavirus, while it has not reached us. But when the President said we have to sit at home and follow the rules, I realized that this was serious. To be honest, I’m not afraid to get sick, but to others I suggest: sit at home and follow the instructions of the President.

«Баня – это хорошо. Но мой президент – Путин, а не Лукашенко». Глушаков – за карантин

Denis Glushakov

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— Why are not afraid to get sick?
Because garlic eating, jokes Glushakov. – Although, in fact, do so constantly strengthen the immune system. Moreover, vegetables and herbs in Grozny very good quality, not plastic as in Moscow shops

— What do “Ahmad” is in quarantine?
— Cards with children playing – nothing. The console will, apparently, again learn to play. Used to play a lot in PES, I like FIFA more. Took the Dutch team – I always liked her. There was Seedorf, Davids, Overmars. In General, I find something to do.

But still, you for strict quarantine or against, as, for example, Alexander Lukashenko, who for the bath, vodka and sports?
Football and bath is good. But my President Lukashenko, and Putin, I live in Russia and not in Belarus. So how can you be against quarantine?! Why, then, the President gives instructions? To perform? No need to follow them. It is clear that everyone wants to walk as usual. It is clear that unusual to be locked up. Indeed, for a long time to sit at home is not very. Can happen different: some will gain weight, someone will divorce, others pregnancy. But now quarantine is the first necessity. Let’s see what will happen next.

— Quincy’s here in the Netherlands, broke the quarantine and went to play football. It will fine.
— He’s a desperate guy, I know him well. But we have to follow the rules, do not need to build itself from the heroes. Maybe Promes was just confused in the rules? I think he’ll be fine.

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“Now is an excellent time for expansion of the League”

You stop of the championship of Russia?
— We need to see how to solve the presidents of the countries, then FIFA and UEFA will make the rules. But the player should understand what he prepares. CSKA released here until may 1, and we sit. Maybe they have their own information? We do not have here. Should be a single date. I can’t sit in one place and to protect the corn. Children call, ask: “Where’s daddy?”. I want to see them.

But after the championship we must play?
— Now all say that “Ahmad” would be beneficial to cancel the championship because we are on the flight. But we are ready to play. Just tell me how, what and when. On the other hand, it is clear that time all wanted to expand the League, now there’s a good opportunity. We with Dima by Kombarova talked. The champion of something clear, hardly “Zenith” someone will catch up, but the bottom of the table density

— What is “Ahmad” in last place?
— Many times we lost concentration. Never met, that we so often missed after 90 minutes. We call those points would be the seventh-eighth place, nobody would have said nothing. But this is football, there is nothing to think about where to go.

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— Your personal unfortunate results is the explanation?
— I had a defective charges, had a lot of injuries. Was waiting for: Glushakov passed in “Ahmad”, it means the team arguing, and I’m going to drag it and score goals. I want this, doing my best, but I play Central midfielder. Your 4-5 goals I score, I’m in “Spartacus” they were killed. But it so happened that not rushing, not only me but also the team. We need to work even more and try to pull out the season struggling.

— Do you have a feeling that terrible much to lose if “Ahmad” will fly out of RPL?
— We love and support the fans. No one even thinks that we’ll launch in Germany: neither we nor they. There is infrastructure and developing football, the spectators families come to play. In Grozny must be team HRC.

«Баня – это хорошо. Но мой президент – Путин, а не Лукашенко». Глушаков – за карантин

Denis Glushakov (right)

— Name three things that you like in Chechnya?
Respect, warmth and mountain views. The mountains are very beautiful.

— The sense of danger experience?
— No, everything is under control. Wanted, came, ate, wanted to go to the mountains. There are myths about Chechnya, but for me it is a quiet area. I do not know where still does it all. If you respect people, then you are so. If you start to do something is not something you will answer. But as in any city.

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— You want to stay in the “Ahmad”?
— My contract is 1+1 with the consent of the club. But don’t think about it — not the time for this. Can you imagine what a pain in the ass at FIFA and UEFA – how to do, how to finish the season, what to do with the contracts. With leadership, we should sit down to discuss the contract in April. But I’m happy here, I play soccer.

— Like a Chechen girl? Now you’re not married, not SWAT for the answer.
— No, there is just can kill. (laughs – approx. “Championship”) But this is a joke, now I think about it, not even tried here to meet girls.

— Live a few questions about your relationship with his ex-wife.
— I will not say anything. The main thing I communicate with the children and can see them.

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“He was right about “Spartacus”

— Before the season you said that the place of “Spartak” will occupy the sixth to eighth place in the RPL. Why were such thoughts?
— Left the backbone, it is difficult with young to fight for the top places. Needed veterans who could lead. As shown by this season, I was right. So understand football. Guys need to play together.

— With whom to communicate from the current “Spartacus”?
— With Rebrov, Maksimenko. Maxi my simlesa, Rostov. I just have to say that he is the best of the young. But really: if he had not, then “Spartak” in this season it would be quite difficult. Sanja very much dragged and rescued “Spartak”. We watched, worried.

— You could tell him that he is the best?
— I was able to tell him that he is the best in the team, but immediately recall Denis Davydov. But Maksimenko thinks differently. And now he wrote: “do You remember what we watching you?”. When he started to play, it was immediately under our wing. We realized that he was a normal kid that should be at the core of the team.

— OPG “Daisy”?
— Come on already with this gang. The press came up, and we played, joked. But in September I’m sure. Especially, if his glory will knock it from their parents and from us will get on the ears. It would be a shame if he loses his head will wear the crown. But he’s not stupid, at 500 times repeating it is not necessary.

«Баня – это хорошо. Но мой президент – Путин, а не Лукашенко». Глушаков – за карантин

Artem Rebrov, Dmitry Kombarov, Denis Glushakov, Kirill Kombarov

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— How do you present eight “Spartacus” til?
He’s not too overlooked. Maybe it is room to change? Under the eighth, not everyone can play for “Spartak”. There was even something unusual when he took eight. But I didn’t watch, I was not up to it. Thiel, Miles and all the rest – I need to think about yourself.

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— When you say you want to play until 38 years old and still think back in the Russian top clubs, it is also ironic?
Listen, time will tell. Who is the best on the tests in “Spartacus” was? Andrey Yeshchenko, 36 years. And he crosses after 4 months recovered and was ready to play. I’m going to do everything to play for as long as possible. Love football, not tired of it at all.

And still I want to return in “Spartak”?
— It is necessary to talk with the fans. One of them of communication and was not. But I don’t want. I wish “Spartak” good luck, but my thoughts are only about the “Ahmad”.


Again, a lot of questions about Messi t-shirt. What’s wrong with her?
— Lies at home, in a secluded place. Waiting in the wings.

— What Leo told you then?
Said: “Come to us. Lacking such futbolistico,” said Glushakov.

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— But seriously, and a little philosophical and you wonder what we all this coronavirus?
You know, I think we all overreacted and went too far. We were all like: life is good, rested, and lived comfortably for the most part. Now all stay at home. I think people rethink life, change the values, inspire them with families without the hassle and travel. But we have this coronavirus will overcome, there’s no other way the Russian nation. Russian – I mean all Russian citizens — will always be first. But now you have to be careful and stay at home.

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