The battle continued some of the men. Of the Russians at the US Open were only Rublev and Medvedev

The U.S. open left, all the Russian girls, which started in women’s singles. In the third round of the tournament made it only two men – Andrei Rublev and Daniil Medvedev.

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The main draw of the us open made it 15 Russian players – 11 girls and four guys. 13 of them are directly rated. And two Evgeny Donskoy and Anna Kalinskaya of skills.

The barrier of the first circle overcame leselect. And dropped out and those who are not lucky enough to get to the strongest rivals (in particular, Anna Blinkova, though, and gave battle to operating champion and the first racket of a planet Naomi Osaka still lost to the Japanese in three games) and those from whom we weren’t expecting. Svetlana Kuznetsova, two weeks ago, played the final in Cincinnati, where he defeated four opponents with a top-11 ranking (Ashley Barty, Saanction, Carolina Pliskova and Anastasia Sevastova), in new York suddenly lost to a little-known American Christie An. And Karen Khachanov – he ninth racket of the planet – lost canadian Wascomposed who only recently returned to Tour the field back surgery and now is not even in the top 200.

But there was a pleasant sensation. The same Kale, for example, confidently beat the us open champion-2017 Cleansteps (now – the 10-th rank number). Perhaps impact a good form, which Anna managed to gain three laps in the qualifying round. And Andrei Rublev effectively and beautifully overcome the 8-th racket of the planet of Stefanobollani. However, there is a sensation of conditional – Greek unsuccessfully spent all summer, while the Russians gained powerfully in recent months, and before coming to new York has twice beaten opponents from the top 5 – first Dominic Thiem on clay in Hamburg, and then the Roger Federer, in Cincinnati.

Alas, build on the success in the second round was only two.


Because of the rains that hit the Big Apple, most of the matches of the medium was moved to Thursday. Including all the meetings with the Russians (did not put them on the Central courts, which have a roof). But the extra day of rest for the benefit went not to all.

So, Margarita Gasparyan entirely without a struggle gave the British woman Joanna Conte. A recent semi-finalist of the “Roland Garros” in the opening round has knocked out one Russian woman – our Darya Kasatkin. But Dasha rested all three sets. And Rita took Joanna’s only a game. APB account – 6:1, 6:0.

Anna Kalinskaya after defeating Stevens conceded already mentioned Christie An. Seems to defeat Kuznetsova was not accidental, and the girl is really in good shape. And on game Kale significantly affected fatigue. The result – 6:2, 6:3.

Much harder and kept Ekaterina Alexandrova. In a week she will become the new first racket of Russia – ahead in the world rankings Kasatkin. And the status must be confirmed! With Chinese Shuai Jean Catherine fought three parties. Were close to success. But still lost– 6:7 (5:7), 6:4, 3:6. But Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who also had the opportunity to become the best Russian player on the Tour, though, and was leading with breaks in every game the Dutch have picture of Bertens, but lost the advantage and lost – 5:7, 4:6.

Our mission the women’s tournament is over. At least in singles. On the other hand, it is a shame to admit, for something more we especially did not expect.


And some men were. And – in all senses.

As Rublev, as it turned out, had convulsions during the match against Stefanobollani. And if Greek paintings have suffered in the breaks and draws ran without problems, then Andrey did not show their complexity. And just suffered, and played. And won.

His opponent in the second round was even less lucky – Frenchman Gilles Simon could barely move in the first set. And losing it with the score 2:6, just starred. In fact, the Russians advanced to the next round without a fight. Which, of course, can not but rejoice. Force long distance major will always be useful. And tomorrow he will fight with himself the Nickname Karlosom. And if the Aussie won’t suffer the nonsense of this meeting will become a serious test for Rublev!

Medvedev, in the third round made its way with enormous difficulty. And it’s not in the power of the opponent who was on the other side of the grid. Hugo Delien from Bolivia up to this tournament has not won in the foundations of ATP a single match on hard! A round in the us open was only because his opponent is the Korean Sunwoo Kwon – starred in the fourth set due to injury.

The irony – indeed, to act could and Medvedev!

Towards the end of the third instalment of Daniel, too, was a victim of seizures – brought his right leg. So much that even the doctor did not help. The Russians almost ceased to run, couldn’t serve, he experienced terrible pain and a couple of times prematurely ended the rally. Without giving the fight of his serve with the score 5:5, he ceased to cling to a party. But to stop the fight in General did not. Decided to wait for another set.

And I won purely on class and self-will to win! The opponent, of course, helped Delanoe too often mistaken. But what is it now, to spare for it? The important thing is that Medvedev in this situation – survived! And this is possible only for real Champions.

– Convulsions were not injured. Sleep, recover. I hope everything will be fine, he said later.

And the organizers went to meet the Russians, giving him additional rest. The match third round against Spaniard Feliciano Lopez, he will start on Friday the last run. Deep night Moscow time.

source: “Soviet sport”

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