The best knockout of the month was made by a wrestler. Kolgan started it by hitting the canvas


The best knockout of the month was made by a wrestler. Kolgan started it by hitting the canvas

Two Bellator tournaments took place in August. Cheyk Kongo, Gegard Musasi, Sergey Kharitonov and other famous fighters have bright knockouts throughout their careers. But over the course of a month, the opponents were “dropped” by the hungrier guys. We present to you the three best knockouts of August according to the Championship. It is subjective and not the ultimate truth.

Davion Franklin

Fights between two unbeaten fighters always attract attention. I wonder who will lose the cherished “zero”. One of these fights took place on the main card Bellator 264. Seventh heavyweight, promising fighter Davion Franklin faced Everett Cummins, who is seven years his senior.

27-year-old Franklin has won all three career victories at Bellator. According to him, it did not take him time to adapt, because he took part in street fights. But the big-bellied 34-year-old American made himself a record of 15-0, as they say, on the “bags”. Although he had two fights in the Scott Cocker promotion, the first of them was back in 2015.

Of course, Franklin was seen as a clear favorite, but it was hard to imagine that the fight would end at 21 seconds. In fact, four movements were enough for Davion – a painful low-kick to the knee for Cummins, a high-kick, a furious hook and finishing. Everything elementary is simple. Everett did not qualify for at least some kind of opposition. Franklin, who focuses on Mike Tyson and John Jones, did everything beautifully in their style.
“Why is there always one guy hitting another at Bellator who doesn’t do anything in return?” Is one of the most popular comments on social networks.

“Right now, my focus is on becoming a Bellator champion, getting through this division, cleaning it up, and then moving forward. I want to be the most dominant heavyweight of all time, ”Franklin said about his goals. In addition, he would like to open a shelter for the homeless in the future, as he himself had problems with housing at one time.

Archie Colgan

It often happens that the most uncompromising fights happen in preliminary cards, where fighters, hungry for fame and money, do not spare themselves, much less their opponent. So, at Bellator 265 came together representatives of welterweight Archie Colgan and Ben Simmons. Both have wrestling backgrounds.

For both, it was their debut fight at Bellator. If 26-year-old Colgan, nicknamed the King, was unbeaten, then 32-year-old Simmons, who has two victories by submission, had a record of 3-2.

Colgan looked more active at the beginning of the battle. He first threw a jab and then suddenly grabbed his opponent and dropped him. After a couple of minutes, Archie threw in a couple of hard hits on the ground, and then Simmons attempted to choke. Colgan, as if nothing had happened, stood up with his opponent and made a great slam. Then he chose the desired position and began to destroy, adding elbows.

It got to the point where Ben’s face was covered in blood. Referee Mike Beltran did not stop the fight, but then he had to do it, as Archie frankly scored his opponent. Within 15 seconds, he threw 25 hits. A convincing victory by TKO from a wrestler, for which Colgan received praise from Justin Gage.

Marcelo Golm

At the Bellator 265 tournament, there was another bright knockout, only this time on the main card. Heavyweights Marcelo Golm and Billy Swanson met in the cage.

28-year-old Brazilian Golm has experience in the UFC, but he probably prefers not to think about him. It all started with a victory, but then – three defeats in a row. The latter took place in St. Petersburg in 2019. Sergei Pavlovich ended Golm’s UFC career, knocking him out already at 66 seconds. Now Marcelo has tried his hand at Bellator.

For the 27-year-old Swanson, it was also a promotional debut. And on super short notice. If you look at the fighters, you immediately notice that the Brazilian is noticeably lighter, while Billy performs with an impressive belly.

By the way the fight began, one could assume that it is unlikely that it will last more than one round – chopping, clinching, flying knee, what else is needed for happiness? If at the beginning Swanson snapped, then in the middle of the first five minutes the Brazilian seized the initiative. He hit more often, while his opponent had strength only for defense. Golm pressed him to the canvas and, as if purposefully, began to demonstrate an arsenal of his skills. Knee and finishing – first, second, third, intervention by the referee. Victory by TKO with three seconds remaining in the first round. After the fight, the Brazilian assured that he would like to enter the octagon twice before the end of the year.

We stop our choice on Archie Colgan. This time, not only the beauty of the performance, but also the opposition was put at the forefront. Frankly speaking, in the first and third cases, completely incomprehensible guys were knocked out. And Colgan, by the way, is a professional wrestler. So such a knockout is worth a lot.

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