The blogger won the former UFC champion in a boxing match. Jake only trained for 18 months


The blogger won the former UFC champion in a boxing match. Jake only trained for 18 months

The fight that UFC President Dana White so wanted to avoid took place. And the result was not that predictable. Experts related to MMA, on their fingers, explained before the fight why Tyrone Woodley would lose it. First, the Paul brothers train hard with the best experts in their field. Secondly, they are not majors who are showered with money by a rich dad. They have amassed their own capital and are well aware of what efforts it cost them.

Now a lot more people interested in the topic understand that all Jake’s assaults on Dana are not empty bravado. A simple blogger who started with challenges and pranks can now destroy an empire that has been building for decades. Woodley was kicked out of the UFC because he suffered a streak of defeats and looked uncompetitive. There are no questions here. And Jack picked him up right on time.

“Woodley is a fighter, yes, but he can really hit. So the fight will be interesting. True, Woodley hasn’t won in three years. He has never won in the last three years and is already forty years old, so … ”Dana White shared his opinion with SportsKeeda.

Tyrone was the champion of the UFC, which could not but affect his self-esteem. Surely, he was sure that purely “in the classroom” he would be able to defeat the upstart blond. But it was not there. It doesn’t make much sense to disassemble this fight. The floor, endowed by nature with larger dimensions, kept the opponent at a distance with banal jabs. The ex-UFC champion never found a direct path to the opponent’s jaw.

Moreover, Woodley was being too straightforward. While Paul tried to build combinations. He weaved lace, pardon the banal analogy, tried not only at the expense of anthropometric superiority, but also thought, to build combinations. Only by the third round did Tyrone come to his senses a little and began to grope for the distance he needed to inflict damage. But as soon as the pro felt confident, Paul cut him off with a great uppercut. In the fourth round, Woodley was good, gave his best, but Jake managed to hold out.

Eight rounds. Woodley’s career had fights that lasted 25 minutes. But that was the peak, the prime of his career. Now, as Dana White predicted, he is only a pale shadow of himself. He tried very hard, but … Tyrone went out into a strange clearing, where it is not he who dictates the rules and layouts. After the final bell, Jake climbed onto the ropes and began to celebrate. She was then awarded to him by a split decision.

And here Woodley can talk as long as he wants that the decision was not objective. He did not win the fight. Paul needed to be knocked out so that there would be no more questions about his professional skills. Tyrone, however, discredited the entire MMA. Yes, he is not the first, he is not the last. But the fight was too high-profile, and Woodley’s authority was too shaky. Jake used it to show White an elementary thing. A simple kid from the street, who devoted 18 months to training, can beat the ex-UFC champion.


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