The brother of the owner of PSG is the main character of the month. Leaks negotiations and provokes everyone


The brother of the owner of PSG is the main character of the month. Leaks negotiations and provokes everyone

The name of Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani does not mean anything to anyone except a narrow circle of orientalists. But the “brother of the owner of PSG” sounds much clearer. By the way, the owner himself, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, is also not exactly known by his own name – more under the title. It is ironic that a representative of a family that has invested hundreds of billions of dollars around the world in a couple of decades is not known by name, but this text is not about the paradoxes of the dissemination of information in general, but about one particular phenomenon.

The brother of the owner of PSG has been tweeting for a long time, but until early August the account was clearly not meant for the whole world. The posts were published in Arabic and mainly contained aphorisms and suras from the Koran.

But in the first week of August, the concept changed. At first, videos and images on sports topics with an emphasis on PSG began to appear on the account in large numbers. And then the language changed. Now posts appear there regularly in several languages: English, Spanish, French. It seems that the choice of language depends on who the message is addressed to. When it comes to rumors about Mbappa and Real Madrid, the posts are written in French or Spanish, and, for example, the commentary on Hakimi’s transfer to PSG was made in English. In general, now the target of the messages is clearly an international audience.

The style of posts has also changed. Suras from the Koran still come across, but along with them there are football insiders and even provocations.

For example, on August 9 (a day before the official announcement of the transfer), he wrote: “It is not true that Messi is negotiating with other clubs. Negotiations have been completed in favor of PSG, the issue has been resolved 100%. Messi will arrive within 72 hours. ” It was true, just unexpected, when a formally private person makes such statements on behalf of the club, and the club itself is silent.

By the way, this post appeared two hours after another (written in Arabic): “Never stay where you do not know your worth.” Is there a connection? Decide for yourself, but the overall effect of the two messages is somewhat provocative.

The next day, a post appeared, which is already difficult to regard other than trolling. Rather, two posts – and again it is up to the readers to choose whether there is a connection between them. First: “The best defense is offense.” Second: “Buy a football player for free, who costs € 100 million, and still they will say that the rich clubs need to be stopped because they spoil football.”

The next batch of trolling followed a couple of days later. First – the message that “The fast train remains in Paris, and everything else is just stupid rumors.” “The fast train is Mbappe, the sheikh called him that before. Then another post on this topic: “The fast train will play with Messi and Neymar and in any case will remain in the team.” And immediately after that – a post with a photo of Diego Simeone and the caption: “The road is open. You have no excuses. ” Just in case, for the dull ones, the sheikh added the hashtag #Atletico_Madrid.

The message is obvious: Messi has moved to PSG, Mbappe will not go to Real, the road is open for Atlético. Everything is transparent and even logical, but what is the point in such statements? It looks like pure trolling.

A few days later, he repost an insider from a Spanish journalist that Mbappe wants to leave this summer with the comment: “Science fiction. I like”.

It may seem that Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani is simply protecting his brother’s club from rumors and speculation. But in parallel, he himself gives rise to other rumors and speculations. For example, here’s a post. Signature in three languages: “Possibly?”

Lapo Elkann, a member of the Agnelli family that owns Juventus, reacted: “Cristiano Ronaldo is a Juventus player. It is disrespectful to put on the uniform of another club. “

And in the last day, the sheikh accelerated as never before and posted several conflicting tweets at once. After Vinicius’ double for Real Madrid, he posted a photo of him with the caption in Spanish: “Check the messages on your phone.” Then came an advertising offer to someone unknown: “Wait 150 days and register for free. Or pay € 160 million now. ” And then again: “If you are satisfied with the price, contact us. Or end the season with a golfer. ”

Again, it is not indicated who it is about and to whom it is addressed. But everyone understands everything, and in fact this is a transition to personalities. Yes, fans call Gareth Bale a golfer on social media. They call him worse. But the brother of the PSG owner is not just a fan. He is one of the richest and most influential people in the world, and when he acts like a teenager with a stupid nickname, it looks a little weird.

The last message is a provocation not only against Real Madrid, with which PSG may have strained relations because of Mbappe and the Super League. But also to Bale, who personally before the sheikh is hardly guilty of anything.

In an ideal world, Real would have to wait a year and sign Mbappe for free. And Bale himself, whose pride must be stung by such open contempt, must show that he was written off early. But there are doubts in all this. Not only because the world is imperfect, but also because Bale in recent years had a lot of reasons to prove something because of his wounded pride, but he did not really strive for it.

Of course, the brother of the owner of PSG can write whatever he wants on his Twitter account. This includes trolling clubs that make money on their own and players who have won four Champions League titles. Surely these are not his last tweets and new posts will follow soon, which, perhaps, will provoke someone else. Only it is not clear: why?


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