The career of the Manchester United star was ruined by injuries and fast food. Now Anderson is accused of stealing 5.5 million


The career of the Manchester United star was ruined by injuries and fast food. Now Anderson is accused of stealing 5.5 million

“He plays just amazing. There is definitely something special about this guy, “- with these words Sir Alex Ferguson signed Anderson from Porto for € 32 million in May 2007. In the second half of the 2000s, Anderson was considered the main talent in world football, but he ruined his career. Now the Brazilian is accused of stealing € 5.5 million.

How it all began at Manchester United: victory in the Champions League and the status of a favorite

In 2005, Anderson was noticed by Martin Ferguson , brother of Alex Ferguson, who at that time worked as a scout at Manchester United and traveled the world in search of young talents. The 17-year-old Brazilian has just moved from Gremio to Porto and immediately declared himself. In his autobiography, Sir Alex wrote: “I sent Martin to closely follow Anderson in every game for four or five months. As a result, Martin said: “Alex, he is better than Rooney.” Two years later, Anderson ended up in Manchester, although he was followed by Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and Arsenal.

At United, the Brazilian knocked out the number eight jersey, a clear confirmation of the club’s faith in the 19-year-old. The key moment came in the 2008 Champions League final with Chelsea. Seconds before the end of extra time, Ferguson released Anderson to replace Wes Brown on a penalty shoot-out. Ryan Giggs personally vouched for the midfielder, who said: the young Brazilian has the necessary composure. Anderson did not disappoint and struck Peter Cech with a powerful blow. Manchester United took the third Champions League trophy in history.

Anderson became a favorite of the local public due to his daring style: he regularly demonstrated his skills and entertained fans with technique. In addition to dribbling and plastics, he was distinguished by a high-quality understanding of the game, efficiency and a smart middle pass.

At the end of 2008, the Brazilian took the Golden Boy award, which is presented to the best young footballer at the end of the year in Europe. To understand the real level of Anderson during this period, just take a look at who received this prize before him: Lionel Messi , Cesc Fabregas and Sergio Aguero .

Plus, at the beginning of 2009, the head of adidas marketing service, Joslan Robio, said that Anderson could become the face of the company in the near future: “Nowadidas’ face is Milan midfielder Kaka. In a few years, a younger footballer should be the face of adidas. In my opinion, Lyon striker Karim Benzema has very good chances. However, one should also not discount Manchester United midfielder Anderson and Barcelona striker Lionel Messi.

Anderson had everything to jump into the list of the best midfielders in the world, but the first two seasons remained the brightest of his career.

What prevented Anderson from realizing his potential?

Two years later, Anderson began to have physical problems, and later he received several serious injuries. The Brazilian buried his talent because of his own stupidity: fast food, difficult character and attitude interfered with football.

“Anderson was a typical player with a Brazilian mentality. He enjoyed striking a ball or doing incredible feints, but at the same time, he completely forgot about the need to monitor his weight. Perhaps because of these, from his point of view, little things in relation to the case, Anderson took a long time to recover from his injuries, ” Michael Owen said later .

The former partner of the Brazilian Rafael was of the same opinion : “When we were driving somewhere together and passed McDonald’s, Anderson immediately yelled:“ McDonald’s! ”,“ McDonald’s! ”. And we stopped by for food. When he was not exercising, he abused junk food and instantly gained extra weight. This only made the situation worse. If he behaved professionally, he could have avoided a number of injuries and become the best in the world. “

The career of the Manchester United star was ruined by injuries and fast food.  Now Anderson is accused of stealing 5.5 million

In 2010, Ferguson and Anderson had a quarrel: the footballer flew to Brazil without the coach’s permission, for which he was fined £ 80,000. It was rumored that Ferguson was planning to send Anderson on loan to Lyon – for the first time he questioned the professionalism of the midfielder. A month later, Anderson tore the crosses and was eliminated before the end of the season. During his rehab, he traveled to Portugal, where he had an accident at 7 a.m. while driving back in his Audi R8 from a nightclub. This made Ferguson even more angry.

Anderson recovered from his injuries, but immediately returned to the infirmary with relapses. In 8 seasons in Manchester, he scraped up just 105 matches.

However, the midfielder is not very sad: “What would I change in my football career? I would remove the injuries from her. Besides them, I have no regrets about anything. I was lucky enough to play for Manchester United and I love this team. I can tell my kids that I won the Premier League four times. What else do you need to be happy? “

Ferguson personally had a hand in the fading of Anderson: in Gremio and Porto, the footballer played an attacking midfielder, possessing the necessary qualities for this role. But at Manchester United, Ferguson made him play deeper. In the future, the coach wanted to replace the aging Paul Scholes with Anderson . Ferguson pulled the Brazilian out of his comfort zone and deprived him of the opportunity to play at the maximum. Anderson did not cope with the new role.

After Manchester United, he did not gain a foothold in the second-rate teams, and now he is accused of stealing € 5.5 million

In 2015, Anderson returned to his native Brazil, where until 2018 he was dusting at Internationale and Curitiba. With both clubs, the midfielder flew out of the tower. Next was “Adana Demirspor” from the second Turkish league, where Anderson had only 12 fights in one and a half seasons. Pepe and Quaresma advised him to go there. But at the club, Anderson played without enthusiasm. Plus he was still overweight. This lack of professionalism does not match the fact that he was the highest paid player in the championship.

In September 2019, 31-year-old Anderson announced his retirement, but the president of Adana Demirspor Murat Sanchak left him in the structure of the club. The Brazilian still holds the position of assistant coach: “Anderson had a productive pre-season training, but did not make it to the main team of Adana Demirspor. In the future, Anderson will continue to work for the benefit of the club. “

Recently, a bomb exploded in the Brazilian media: Anderson is accused of participating in an organized crime group that stole € 5.5 million and laundered them through cryptocurrency. The charges relate to a crime committed back in 2020.

It is assumed that the criminal group, which included Anderson, bypassed the Santander bank’s digital security system and stole this amount from a metallurgical company. After the theft, the money was deposited in 11 bank accounts in four Brazilian states, and then laundered through the purchase of cryptocurrency both domestically and abroad.

Anderson’s lawyer denies the involvement of the Brazilian: “We have not yet been summoned to court, now it is difficult to speak specifically. An investigation is underway, Anderson is aware of this. He will prove that he was a victim, not a participant. This is his position. “

Anderson’s assets were blocked. He is currently in Turkey and cannot leave the country due to the threat of arrest.

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