The champion is back! Homasi disassembled the roots into one wicket


The champion is back! Homasi disassembled the roots into one wicket

On the night of August 13-14, the Bellator 264 tournament was held in the American city of Uncasville . The main event was the middleweight title fight between the champion in this category Gegard Mousasi and challenger John Salter . Former Bellator welterweight champion Andrei Koreshkov and Sabah Homasi faced off in a major fight .

For a Russian, this is the first fight in the organization of Scott Cocker in the last two years. Then Spartan lost to Lorenz Larkin by split decision. Andrei spent his last fight in Russia, namely in Fight Nights, where he defeated Brazilian Adriano Rodriguez de Oliveira with a submission, catching him on the elbow lever. Due to a long absence from the American arena, Koreshkov dropped out of the rating. And a fight with the number ten welterweight title should be the first step to return to the elite.

Sabah Homasi is a dangerous puncher with 67% of his wins by knockout. However, he also lost frequently by knockout (6 out of 9 losses). Sabah fought his last fight in April this year, losing by knockout to MMA veteran Paul Daly. Thus, the American had to close the last loss. As a result, we got a fight between two bright drummers, one of whom (Koreshkov) had 13 early victories in the first round, and the second had 6 victories by knockout in the first five minutes.

The first round began with a careful standing scout. The Russian jerked his opponent with body movements, but he did not react in any way. Koreshkov continued to work as number one, while Homasi just waited. The most interesting thing is that Sabakh tried to counterattack not with counter strikes, but with the fight against working in a clinch at the net. So the American turned and pushed Andrey to the net after a missed two, where he worked with knee jabs. But after a minute the Spartan got out of this situation.

Although very soon Homasi again pressed Andrey to the net after an unsuccessful roundhouse kick. And this time Koreshkov got out of the opponent’s grip, continuing to work in a standing position, where he clearly surpassed the American. Even the screams of USA fans did not cheer up the local fighter in any way, because Spartan turned on and dominated the Octagon in every respect, combining high kicks, flying knees and side kicks. Thus, Koreshkov confidently took the first five minutes.

The second round became even more successful for the native of Omsk, although his opponent finally began to chop in a standing position. This created inconvenience to the Russian, but not for very long, because he then turned on in a series of powerful blows that are difficult to resist. Then Koreshkov scored a successful takedown through a successful hold.

Homasi tried to break the fight in a standing position, but his sweeping punches did not reach the target. Then the Spartan hit his knee in a jump exactly in the head of his opponent. Since then, only a Russian has worked, and an American has only survived. The Russian flashed another bright takedown, lifting Sabakh over his shoulder and throwing him onto the canvas. In the stalls, Andrei tried first to strangle Homasi, then smashed him into the body with his knees. Unconditional victory of our fighter in the second round.

The final five minutes began with a sweeping two from the American, with which he not only failed to reach the goal, but also failed and lost his balance. Koreshkov began to work on Homasi in the stalls, smashing him with punches. Then the Spartan tried to finish again with a choke hold. But Sabah resisted with the last of his strength, maintaining his position in the guard.

However, two minutes before the end of the battle, Andrei made a gross mistake, allowing his opponent to easily turn our fighter around. Now the Russian was in the guard, where he continued to control the fight, grabbing the opponent’s neck. Thus, Koreshkov did not allow him to work in the ground and pound. Although Homasi was happy with this state of affairs, he was exhausted.

So the fight came to its logical conclusion. All three judges gave the victory to the Russian in all three rounds: 30:27, 30:26, 30:26. The difference in class was visible to the naked eye. It seems that the Spartan is ready for more serious and eminent rivals. Welcome back to Bellator, Andrey!

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