The champion of the KHL is weaker than Poland? CSKA lost “Barys”


The most interesting events of great hockey Thursday – in the traditional review of “Soviet sport”.


On Tuesday Spartak pretty surprised. Two periods of the home match with “Magnitogorsk” frankly drove the cart, lost 0:2. But the puck Hansla before the second break opened the red-and-white second wind. In the final third of “Spartacus” came out a different team and won 4:2. Making of a mentor “Steelworkers” shrug.

We twice perebrosali opponents, but managed to lose the match, which was played better, – said in hot pursuit of Ilya Vorobiev.

On Thursday, the team of Oleg Znarka was surprised again. Now is not the comeback, and blitzkrieg. For the first 12 minutes of the match in Ufa Muscovites stung three times the best goalkeeper of last season Metsola and forced it to request a replacement. Handicap 3:0 was enough for the victory. Although after the break ulicy had them to the gate, but Hudacek was great. His opponent Karev dry ice is not gone – it struck Hanzl omnipresent, who in the match with “Magnitogorsk” twice, and Zlobin, who scored after a fine Trenchtown.

“Spartak” entrenched in fifth place in the conference. And above all he wants – otherwise, the playoffs will have to solve the problem with a home arena. Because “CSKA-arena” will be occupied by CSKA, which below second place in the West will not fall.

After winning Znarok, answering a question about blitzkrieg, screwed in Maxim obscene language.

“Salavat Yulaev” also failed the regular championship and the Spengler Cup, will have to rely on the playoffs. Suddenly repeat last year’s story, when the Ufa got to the conference finals and gave battle to the favourite “Avant-garde”. Then the club can, and will avoid peretrubatsiya, which speak more than a whisper.


Cute “Siberia” has suffered after international pause a second defeat in a row. And home again. On Tuesday, the team with the snowflake dry conceded “Kunlun” and increased the chances of “dragons” in the playoffs. Their rivals didn’t expect from Siberians such a dirty trick and of grief together lost: “Admiral” in Ufa, “the Cupid” – in St. Petersburg, metallurg in Moscow.

On Thursday, the team of Nicholas Zavarukhina sent “the leopard” under the tail of the advantage 2:0, yielding HC Sochi in shootouts. Throws were performed exquisitely. A series of decorated trick Tochicago name of Peter Forsberg, and “cannon” of Strangalia, which woos in the NHL, and pause Puustinen.

Southerners abound in Podolsk and Novosibirsk three points and came close to occupying the eighth place in the West “torpedo”.

“Leopard” was supposed to help in Nizhny Novgorod their older brothers St. Petersburg CSKA. Guests immediately uncovered sticks, scored 2:0 thanks to goals from Finnish, but then it stalled. In the second period with the score 1:2 the hosts a minute and a half played most of the “5 on 3”, but to no avail. By the way, one of the offenders was world champion Kets. He retained the letter “C” on Jersey, despite the appearance in the personnel of the captain Plotnikov, who this season is literally spelled out in the penalty box.

When the candidate for the national team Jafarov, shot in the Karjala Cup and vanished after the First channel Cup, equalized, was very interesting.

And after all, the Army Alexei Kudashov suppressed the uprising Gorky workers. Thanks to the third consecutive Finnish goal. And thus helped Sochi “leopards”.


CSKA after three matches (one guest) back to the home of the eponymous arena. It seemed that the intrigue held a meeting of the leader of the West and the third team of the East? And the intrigue was there. Champion opposed the base club of the national team of Kazakhstan, which in some incredible way lost in the Olympic qualification (and not in last round) poles. They are no longer coached by the tandem they are both true Bykov. Willing to bet the Polish team did not make it to the 2022 Games in Beijing. But a team full of naturalized Canadians, captain “Motorist” daws, the best defender in the KHL last season Dizem and playmaker Boyd could embarrass?

On Tuesday, by the way, the team of Andrew Skabelka confirmed his class with victory in Yekaterinburg over the strong “Motorist”.

The fans certainly recall the author of these lines on the Polish embarrassment for the USSR national team. At the world championship 1976 Katowice freshly baked Olympic heroes Innsbruck started with a defeat from the hosts 4:6, starting with substitute goalkeeper Sidelnikov.

The failure of the Kazakhstan – another confirmation of the words of the forward “Washington” Evgeny Kuznetsov: “the world Championships, the KHL and NHL are different sports”. And I would add here the Euro tour and Olympic qualification.

Against the champion and leader of the team was kept more than adequately. The hosts capped the starting pressure Taldinskogo tireless goal, but the visitors not only scored, but in the second period came forward. The same dits. Wei and his removal canceled the final assault.

SKA came to CSKA on distance in three points. Ahead of the army Derby, sixth in the regular season.

PS Neftekhimik at home caused dry defeat “Magnitogorsk” (4:0), rose to ninth place and only two points from the team from Magnitogorsk.

source: “Soviet sport”

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