The controversial sponsor of the offended team f-1 and left. But then I changed my mind


Title sponsor “Haas” tore up the contract, calling their car the milk truck. Vs made the decision to organize a coup.

During the week before the Grand Prix of great Britain company Rich Energy is the title sponsor of the “Haas” — has declared the termination of the contract with the team. According to Executive Director Rich Energy of William storey, the company is expected to deal with “Red bull” and was dissatisfied with the cooperation with the Americans. Soon, however, Rich Energy denied his own tweet, stating that the opinion of the story different from the position of investors. At Silverstone “Haasi” will perform in its traditional black and gold livery, but what’s next?

Rich Energy comes and goes. And returns

It all started Wednesday when the official Twitter Rich Energy appeared the following entry: “Our contract with “Haas” broken due to unsatisfactory performances. We expected to fight Red bull, and the loss of “Williams” in Austria is unacceptable. Along with this policy, and the political correctness of Formula 1 interfere with our business. We wish the team all the best.” Not to say that this statement has become so much a shock, although it was made quite unexpectedly. About company Rich Energy in General is rarely heard before the advent of Formula 1. It produces energy drinks, but in stores they were never seen again.

According to William story, Rich Energy is a premium brand, and because banks with a drink is only in exclusive places, five star hotels and expensive restaurants. Evidence, however, is not. The only real way to get Rich Energy is to buy a box on Amazon.

Foreign journalists ordered such a package and said that the taste of the drink is so-so. Recently, Rich Energy launched a much more serious problem — the court held that the logo of the company infringe intellectual property rights of Whyte Bikes, Bicycle manufacturer. And not only that, the logo was in fact stolen, and himself the story was trying to do everything to enter misleading the court and make excuses. The result — a ban on the use of the logo (with machines “Haas” they are already gone) and the penalty in favor of Whyte Bikes.

In the paddock to Rich Energy initially treated very gently, and after losing in court, the reputation of the company in Formula 1 was quite destroyed. Tweet about the breakup with “Haas” was not a big surprise — few expected that the Energy Rich enough finances to stay in “the Big prizes” for a long time. But far more surprising: the next day the representatives of the Rich Energy said they expect to maintain relations with “Haas”, and that the tweet was written by William story, with which other investors disagree.

Who is William story?

Formula 1 heard about William’s story in 2018, when Energy Rich tried to buy “Force India”. The team eventually moved to Lawrence Stroll and turned into “racing point” and the story went to the “Williams” — but in the Grove failed to agree. In the end, in February of this year, the team “Haas” has announced that Rich Energy will become title sponsor in the season 2019. Even then, the story asked tough questions about his company, but he confidently brushed aside all doubts. “Do not believe in the existence of Rich Energy — it’s like not to believe in landing on the moon, — he spoke then. We are confident that our brand is better than Red Bull, and many races of the season we will win”. If you add eccentric appearance story, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the credibility of the businessman in the paddock was little. At the same time in the “Haas” emphasized that confident in your partner and there is no reason for doubt. But the doubts only became more when it was revealed that at the end of 2017 on the accounts of the Rich Energy was only £ 581 — a little less than eight dollars. A year earlier the accounts of the company was less money — £ 103. And then came the court’s decision banning Rich Energy to use the logo. Now very few people believe that Rich Energy is a great company with which to do business. But the “Haas” continued to insist that everything is in order. And even after the tweet about the termination of the contract, representatives of the “Haas” has denied the gap. “The deal is not broken — William no authority in this matter, — quotes its source Motorsport. Investors try to clean up this mess, but business goes on as before”. The story is over? As it is not so!

When deer were only horns

On Thursday the British tabloid the Sun was able to talk to story and he again declared the termination of its contract with the “Haas”. “It’s unpleasant, but logical decision, he said. — In the “Haas” nice people working, but the car behind. Our product is superior to the Red Bull, and be like a milk truck at the end of the grid is a nightmare for us. The end of history.” Everything became even more complicated when on the same day, Dutch journalists reported that story fired of Rich Energy.

However, the story does not think so — in his Twitter, he wrote that the “revolt of minority shareholders failed”. According to the story, it still maintains full control over the company and has the support of “all major shareholders”. However, now that tweet is gone, and the other in the account of the story. In parallel, there is information about what Energy Rich did not pay in due time the court-ordered compensation Whyte Bikes. It, by the way, amounts to £ 35 million — penny, by the standards of Formula 1. In addition, in early July Rich Energy submitted an application for registration of the new logo — if earlier on it was a stylized image of a deer, now it was only the horns… What happens next with Rich Energy, it is not clear — it is impossible to understand even those in main. It is unclear whether “Haas” required by the contract amount. While the team safe, but it is difficult to imagine that such an experienced businessman, gene Haas, has agreed to a deal with such a dubious partner. So there is a chance that this story isn’t over.

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