The drama of the Slutsky team in Europe! Rubin took off without scoring a penalty in the 120th minute


The drama of the Slutsky team in Europe! Rubin took off without scoring a penalty in the 120th minute

Rubin, like Spartak, lost their duel in Europe. But if the red and white have moved from the Champions League to the Europa League, then Kazan will be limited to two matches in European competition this season. The denouement of the confrontation with Rakuv is a real drama for Slutsky’s team .

Rubin could have conceded in the first minute. After the abolition of the away goal rule, it would not be so scary, but still unpleasant. Rakuv started the game very aggressively, putting pressure on the hosts when they tried to get out of defense through a pass. Obviously, in the absence of Despotovich, it is more difficult for Slutsky’s team to cling to the ball in a foreign half of the field. Kostyukov did not do this, but the coach, of course, did not expect that the replacement, inferior to the Serb in size, would win the fight against the three central defenders of the Poles. Kostyukov fouled – even before the break he played a yellow card. Dangerously stepped on an opponent’s foot.

For the first time on goal the hosts managed to break through only at the end of a quarter of an hour. At that time, Rubin had already calmed Rakuv and spent more time in positional attacks, but they were not helped at all by the quality of the pitch at Ak Bars Arena. First of all, Kvaratskhelia brought confusion to the enemy’s defense with his jerks, feints and strokes. But Khvich was watched especially carefully: either they tried to cover at the time of receiving the ball, or they insured his guardian. In addition, in one of the episodes, the Georgian winger received a slight injury, which seemed to interfere with his play.

In the first half, “Rubin” interrupted “Rakuv” – 6: 4, nevertheless, there was a draw on shots on target – 2: 2. The last minutes, as well as the debut of the meeting, hardly pleased Slutsky . To defeat the vice-champion and winner of the Polish Cup and Super Cup, it was necessary to add by talking (perhaps even in the same style as Slutsky and Zhirkov before Euro 2016) in the locker room.

But judging by the beginning of the second half, Rubin’s players took too long to digest the coach’s speech. The first minutes are just a nightmare! The Poles easily created chances: the center of Kazan allowed the ball to be taken freely between the lines, the flanks of Samoshnikov and Vladislav Ignatiev crackled . A goal against the representative of Russia was brewing – the Spaniard Lopez forgave the “ruby”. Slutsky made a substitution, and his team sat down on their third to close the zones.

When the Poles got tired of their own pace, Rubin remembered the Kovacevic goal . In the end, Khvicha even created the moment, of course, through individual actions. However, the goal turned out to be narrower than the Georgian winger thought, shooting from a very good position. And on 83 minutes the guests and all the bar after a free kick was saved by the home team and hitting his head Abilgora . Greatly the Dane played ahead of the curve – it is a pity that such beauty did not end with a goal.

Statistics of shots in the second half in favor of Rakuwa – 8: 6 (but on target – 0: 1). The ending was nervous. To such an extent that one of Rubin’s players, out of emotion, sent the other to hell, giving the opponent a corner kick. Somehow Kazan fought back, after which the whistle of the Hungarian judge sounded like pleasant music. The game went off in extra time.

In the last half hour, “Rakuv” also looked prettier. At the 100th minute, the referee had every reason to award a penalty to Rubin’s goal, when Begich hit the opponent’s leg. If the VAR system were operating at this stage of the League of Conferences, most likely there would be a “point”. It’s a shame to realize that not even the strongest team in Poland is putting pressure on one of the leaders of the RPL, and the little-known specialist Marek Papsun , perhaps tactically outperforming our best, according to many professionals, coach – Slutsky . But that is what it is. But on the 106th minute, the referee removed Samoshnikov . Ilya made a lot of mistakes today, nevertheless he earned his first yellow card for nothing.

There was only one thing left: to hold out until the penalty shootout. We couldn’t – Rubin’s tired defense missed the Rakuva player’s burst on the right flank, and Gutkovsky scored with his head from the goalkeeper’s line. The strike of the Latvian national team striker seemed to end the match. But in the 120th minute, a miracle happened! Uremovich , turning into a forward, earned a penalty spot ! The newcomer Hakshabanovich approached the “point” , who failed to cope with the responsibility and shot badly. Save Kovachevich still completed the Euroseason of Slutsky’s team .

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