The ex-guardsman United States fell for a clever trick Minakova. A knockout was inevitable. Video


Before the start of the Bellator tournament 243 have less than two days. In the main fight of the evening will meet former Champions Michael Chandler and Benson Henderson, but even more interest is the second status match. Veterans heavyweight Matt Mitrion and Timothy Johnson know how hard to knock and familiar to the Russian fan. Mitrion won Fedor Emelianenko and “off” after hard knocks Sergei Kharitonov. Johnson met with Russian fighters three times, and the last defeat of former serviceman of the national guard of the United States was dealt a fighter from Russia.

24 Aug 2019 Timothy Johnson fought at Bellator 225 with Vitaly by Minecofin. The Russians had hoped to close the first defeat in his career: half a year earlier he sensationally lost to a veteran West of the Congo. Besides Minakov was planning to start a new campaign for the championship belt Bellator, which he took because of the long downtime. The Johnson situation was identical, since it is in the last battle lost of the Congo. About the title, the American is hardly a thought as it was only his second match in the promotion. Thus, both players were not motivated.

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The battle began without delay, after a few seconds the men were involved in a tough exchange of blows. Soon stated that he conducted a successful takedown, then pinned standing opponent to the net and double-a beautifully thrown through the back. Johnson managed to disengage the grip and ended up in the bar, where Vitali, he’s getting “shot” with his hands. A few seconds Minakov held signature trick: Russia has caused a mild kick to the body and then badly broke his right hand in the head of Johnson. The ex-guardsman was not expecting such combinations and in a state of grogg found himself at the net, where Minakov firmly and confidently finished him off. The whole fight took less than two minutes.

In an interview after the fight, Minakov has traditionally been cold-blooded: “This combination I have always been. Unfortunately, against Congo was not able to use it. But he knew that Johnson will fall for her. For me the main thing was to fight, no matter with whom. Preparing for a left-handed Ayala, but I did that and won the left-handed Johnson”. The American after the fight talk is not wanted, because in such hard knockouts he has not.

Minakov more in the octagon did not go. October 26, 2019, the Russians had to fight with Xavi Yaleu, but Vitaly refused a U.S. visa. If the problem is not resolved, Minakov may even retire from the sport: “Obviously if I do not give a visa, it is the end of a career. Because to wait for the Bellator tournaments in Europe, it’s a lost cause. They rarely are, and all title fights are only in the United States.” Johnson after losing to Minakov managed to knock out Tyrell Fortune and 7 of August will be released against the threat of Mitrione.

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