The expert estimated the idea to prohibit in Russia the use of older cars


© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov / Go to the Bankthe work of the centre body repairЭксперт оценил идею запретить в России эксплуатацию старых автомобилей

Partner of analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT” avtoekspert Igor Morzharetto in an interview with RT commented on the proposal of the Duma Committee on the industry to prohibit the operation of vehicles “reached the maximum lifetime”.

In his opinion, this idea has obvious reasons, however, such a decision will hit vulnerable people.

He noted that the old machine really unsafe and polluting, but the average age of a car in Russia is 12.5 years and, if you deny their operation, no vehicles will be too many people.

According to auto expert, there are other, softer measures, which allow to upgrade the Park.

“They operated in our country when I worked for the recycling program when it was proposed to take the old car and get a very serious discount on the purchase of a new. Is the tax system in different countries: for example, the older the car the more you pay, but if you change it, then get a soft loan,” — said Morzharetto.

Earlier it became known that the deputies proposed that the Ministry of industry to prohibit the use of the old machine. Of any vehicle (private or commercial) is it and what sanctions will be applied against their owners, is not specified.

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