The favorite for the NBA title is at risk of losing a star. What’s wrong with Kyrie Irving?


The favorite for the NBA title is at risk of losing a star. What’s wrong with Kyrie Irving?

The start of the new NBA season is just around the corner. Against the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the issue of vaccination is especially acute. There is no obligation to vaccinate in the league yet, but the authorities of individual states have their own position. However, some players, no matter what, are not ready to queue up for the injection. There are anti-inoculations in the NBA, and one of them is Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving.

The training camp starts tomorrow. If Irving wants to visit Brooklyn’s home arena, he still needs to be vaccinated. Like all his teammates. These are the rules that so far only apply in New York and San Francisco. But this is for now. And these restrictions apply, respectively, not only to the Nets and Irving, but to all players of the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors.

By the way, the Warriors already have their own anti-waxer – Andrew Wiggins . He announced his reluctance to get vaccinated during the past season. As the new season approached, the club became worried – they tried to convince the player, arranged a meeting with an experienced doctor who told about the safety of the vaccine. But it’s all to no avail. Wiggins also failed to knock out a religious exclusion. Among other things, coronavirus restrictions have been tightened in San Francisco. Now, the unvaccinated will not be allowed into the Chase Center arena at all, even with medical or religious exceptions. So Andrew risks being fined $ 350 thousand for each missed home game ($ 14.3 million per season).

In a similar situation may be not only the vice president of the executive committee of the union of the players Irving, but also about 10% of basketball players who have not received a single dose of vaccine to this day. Kyrie and other skeptical anti-axers are not helping to solve the problem, to put it mildly.
In general, Kairi is a lover of various kinds of conspiracy theories. So, in 2017, he said in all seriousness that the Earth is flat.

“This is not just a conspiracy theory. The earth is really flat. Everyone can see it. I tell you, everyone has it before their eyes. They lie to us. There is no specific information other than what they give us, ”Irving said.

A year later, Irving apologized for his adherence to such conspiracies. But he didn’t deny the existence of a flat earth. This time, however, the theory Kairi advocates sounds a lot more interesting. He signed up and likes a conspiracy theorist who believes that “secret societies” are injecting vaccines to connect black people to a supercomputer in the name of the “devil’s plan.” This insane version is already circulating among NBA players, spreading through the group chats of some teams.
In the league, Kairi’s mood found some kind of support. Here’s what Orlando forward Jonathan Isaac has to say about this .

“After all, the scientists working on the vaccine are all humans. And you cannot always rely on people … Even when you are vaccinated, in public places you still have to wear a mask. Then what is it for at all? If Kairi talks about all this from the perspective of one of the leaders of the players’ union, it does him credit, ”said Isaac.

Isaac is a deeply religious person (and, by the way, also unvaccinated). And Irving’s refusal, according to his aunt, is not connected with any religious beliefs, but solely with moral considerations. But the player himself, spreading his “moral considerations”, is actually playing with fire. Irving recently tweeted a cryptic post: “My mask has been removed. Now shoot yours. Do not be afraid”. In the current situation, the message is, shall we say, ambiguous. Therefore, the publication had to be explained. According to Kairi, this is a banal post in the spirit of “be yourself”, which has nothing to do with coronavirus restrictions.
However, Irving, apparently, decided to “take off the mask” in the most direct sense. In August, he visited two schools on the Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where he actively photographed with students and signed autographs. Personal protective equipment was used by everyone around, but not Irving himself. Although it is forbidden to be in educational institutions without masks in the state.

So the Nets star was hit by a wave of criticism – both from basketball fans on social networks and from stars like the legendary Karim Abdul-Jabbar.

“There is no place in the NBA for players who are willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates, staff and fans just because they are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation. They fail to cope with the responsibilities of celebrities. Athletes are not required to support the government’s position, but it is a public health issue. By not encouraging people to get vaccinated, they are contributing to death. I’m also concerned about how this perpetuates the stereotype of stupid pitching who is unable to look at proven scientific evidence and come to a rational conclusion, ”said the six-time NBA champion.

Of course, to any sane person, talking about chipping in the name of the devil will seem ridiculous. But is Irving so immersed in conspiracy theories that he is willing to risk at least half the season and expose the entire team in jeopardy? The championship starts very soon, and he will have to solve the issue of vaccination one way or another. Like Wiggins, Isaac and the other 50-60 still unvaccinated players. But Kairi, apparently, is true to his convictions and will fight for them to the last. And that’s fine, but not if the beliefs are based on conspiracy theories from the Internet.

Neither the league nor the team have given any comments on the situation with Irving. If the fear of “secret societies” nevertheless triumphs over common sense in Kyrie’s head, the main contender for the NBA title, Brooklyn, is at risk of suffering a serious staff loss on the eve of the new season. Out of the blue, because few people could have imagined that refusing to vaccinate would become such a big problem for people receiving tens of millions of dollars.


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