The Federation Council has offered to give discounts for insurance careful drivers


© RIA Novosti / Alexey Maligawa / Go to the Bankthe Insurance policy of the new sample in one of the insurance companies in OmskВ Совете Федерации предложили давать скидки по ОСАГО аккуратным водителям

Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Nikolay Zhuravlev proposes to give discounts on the insurance policies careful drivers.

“That didn’t happen so that we will compensate at the expense of good, berezhnykh, careful drivers unworthy of driving many of our fellow citizens who allow themselves still rudeness on the roads, you need to give insurance companies more freedom in terms of setting insurance premiums based on different factors that characterize specific drivers,” – said Zhuravlev on Friday at a hearing on the bill on the liberalization of the insurance.

The Senator noted that efforts should be directed to an insurance priority for CTP became increasingly individual. “Careful drivers should pay less sloppy drivers more,” he explained.

According to the Vice-speaker, to begin this year on the reform of the introduction of individual rates of CTP has already made the first steps was expanded tariff corridor by 20% in both directions, allowing honest drivers to reduce the cost of the policy. “But work in this direction should be continued”, – said the parliamentarian.

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