The first draft of spades went to the Rangers. We will superwatch Latrine and Panarin?


For the “mineralisation” are intriguing names. This season the team managed to “make some noise” in the second part of the regular season, to get into the qualification playoffs, where it was followed by some disappointment in the form of a quick departure from “Carolina”. This is shown by hockey players and fans that the Rangers have not yet completed the restructuring that young people are still not fully ready to give, and that the acquisition of the composition needs to be further progress. And now the boys of Broadway is lucky they got the first pick and can pick up in the draft, hockey, for which fans of other teams even called their Pets to lose.

The results of the draft lottery — 2020:
1. “New York Rangers”,
2. “Los Angeles Kings”,
3. “The Ottawa senators” (from “San Jose sharks”),
4. “Detroit Red Wings”,
5. “The Ottawa Senators”,
6. “Anaheim Ducks”,
7. “New Jersey Devils”,
8. “Buffalo Sabres”,
9. Minnesota Wild,
10. “The Winnipeg Jets”,
11. “Nashville Predators”,
12. “Florida Panthers”,
13. “Toronto Maple Leafs”,
14. “Edmonton Oilers”,
15. “The Pittsburgh Penguins”.

Lafrance’ve never been to new York

Last time the first overall selection in the draft had the Rangers 55 years ago when in 1965, the team chose to andré Weil, who is in the NHL, in the end, never played. However Lafranceas it is accepted to speak, is so good that my nerves even experienced bosses commands. “To be honest, I got nervous during the lottery. Looked and saw logos of other teams on all lottery balls, and our all was not” — said General Manager of “mineralisation” Jeff Gorton, who a year ago under General, the second number picked up Capo Kakko.

Today, luck definitely on the side of the Rangers. Lafrance wanted to take a Montreal, for which star a Francophone would be a balm for exhausted fans ‘ wounds. From him would be “Pittsburgh,” where the coming change of generations, Lafrance was thinking of the embarrassed “Toronto”, which would change a striker for a good Oborona. But a young native of Quebec, played for the youth for the “Rimouski Oceanic” (as, at the time, and Sidney Crosby), has the potential to move to Broadway.

“I’ve never been to new York, but a couple of my buddies were there. This is a very interesting place. My favorite player this year was Artemiy Panarin, he was one of the best this season,” said Lafrance. Slukavil young talent or not — is unknown, but a bunch of Alexis and Artemis had already begun to haunt the minds of fans.

Top 10 draft pick rookies in the NHL-2020, version of the Athletic:
1. Dr. Alexis Lafrance (“Rangers”),
2. B. Quinton to Byfield (“Los Angeles”),
3. B. Tim Stutzle (“Ottawa”),
4. B. Cole Perfetti (“Detroit”),
5. B. Lucas Raymond (“Ottawa”),
6. B. Alex Holtz (“Anaheim”),
7. z. Jamie Drysdale (“NJ”),
8. B. Marco Rossi (“Buffalo”),
9. Yaroslav V. Askarov (“mn”),
10. z. Jake Sanderson (“Winnipeg”),
…21. Rodion B. Amirov (“Columbus”).

“The power Lafrance in the attack? It is the coach not asked him to improve the game without the puck”

Winning the draft lottery, the probability of which was 12.5% has already been called the largest August victory in the history of “Rangers”. According to the same Gorton, he didn’t talk to Lagrange before the lottery, as I didn’t want to jinx it, besides, it could be a waste of time. Now the Manager will have to interview himself forward, and with his family, but it is clear that the Alexis should not be against of becoming part of the “Rangers”, and no scandals from the category “Eric Lindros will not go to “QC” should not happen.

Первый драфт-пик достался «Рейнджерс». Нас ждёт суперсвязка Лафренье и Панарина?

Table of the playoffs NHL – 2019/2020

Latrine will have to change their 11th number, if the famous mark Messier decides to pass it on to the young talent. Alexis considered skillful and creative forward, but he’s not leaving the power struggle that is an important component in the transition to the camp of the Rangers, which often lack stiffness. “I would say that my main advantage — it is the game in attack, creating scoring chances. I think that the attack I can bring maximum benefit to the team,” said Lafrance.

“Wait. He says that as long as coach David Quinn said that he needs to improve the game without the puck”, — have overreacted a veteran of overseas hockey journalism Larry Brooks in his column for the NY Post.

In General, the critical notes to the “Rangers” that were heard after the defeat in three matches from the “Carolina” gave way to more optimistic statements. The loss called happy, because Latrine can become the “next first.” If not pandemic, which has forced the League to pause in March, and then to resume the season in extended composition, “sideromelane” couldn’t even dream about the first draft-the peak. Regular season the team finished in 18th place in the regular playoffs wouldn’t be, but to win in a classic draft-lottery would have only 2% to pull the first room. But the defeat in the qualification significantly increased the likelihood of, and now to a promising design, the Rangers need to add another significant detail.

The sight on the Stanley Cup

If the Rangers decide to exchange Lagrange, he will go to a team that is not starting from scratch — this is not the “Pittsburgh” of the draft Crosby or the current pathetic “Detroit”. The “sideromecanica” the transition, and this team can become a full participant of the playoffs in the following season. The “Rangers” already got a level hockey player MVP is Artemy Panarin, who help the players of the elite level Sileneced and KREIDER.

At the same time, new Yorkers have a very exciting young core, which forces to take the lead in the coming years. Defender Adam Fox one of the most impressive of the newcomers, who can become the top Oborona for years to come, if we continue in the same spirit. Full potential of the 19-year-old Kaupo Kakko, who, though not shot in his debut season, but played decently. For the goalkeeper position is also possible not to worry — there’s Igor Shestyorkin, who for a short spring were able to displace out of the gate and Lundqvist, and Georgieva.

On the position of the center of the second and third parts of the “Rangers” is still a gaping hole, but to find a good point guard is much easier than a talent which can become a superstar for years to come. Almost every team who won the Stanley Cup in the era of the salary cap, had in its composition at least one player selected in the top 2 on the draft beginners — the only exceptions are “Anaheim”-2007 and “Detroit”-2008. Reconstruction of “Rangers” has not yet ended, but the acquisition Lafrance definitely accelerated this process.

What the experts say

“Put 3 points for the relevance of the victory, the Rangers and 10 of to what extent it was ridiculous. “Sideromelane” did not get in the playoffs, when the season was suspended. The team is in the process of restructuring, as even informed the fans in a special press release. This lottery became absolutely ridiculous. The team that was most disappointed that she didn’t have Latrine is “Toronto”, which gave its first draft-peak “Carolina” refused last summer from Parikia Marlo. And thank God that Latrine will not leave the canadian club. Don’t get me wrong, but the canadian teams in recent years and so got McDavid, Matthews, Lyne, Dreiseitl, Tkachuk, Pettersson and Quinn Hughes,” said ESPN columnist Greg Vishinsky.

“It would be a crime if the lottery won “Edmonton”, which could be the fifth the first number in the history of the “oilers”, or if he went to Toronto. This team last won a round of the playoffs, when Lagrange was only 2 years old. In the end, “Rangers” is a large, upscale market is the team with 55 years was not the first choice. Alexis can start the season in the Quebec League as Rangers will not be training until November 15, and “Rimouski” still hopes to start playing in October. Or he can go play in Europe until the NHL opens training camps”, — said mark Spector of Sportsnet.

“Of course, people will say that it would be fair to first draft-the peak has got to be suffering from a lack of vivid characters, “Minnesota”, or “Nashville,” which has never won the lottery, or “Florida”. And “Rangers” — think: “Wow! This is the best market in the NHL, and last year they chose the second. Latrine will help, it will not require to be Superman from the first season, because Rangers have a squad and enough young talent. But if he will play so as they say in new York, he will be an absolute superstar,” said TSN insider Bob McKenzie.

“We have to give Rangers credit. Latrine not staying alone, he will not be without support because the team has players capable of taking the game over. Alexis is a very good option. I already after the first draft lottery said Lafrance — chief won because he inherited a team participating in the qualifying round. He was in a stronger team, when compared with those who did not participate in the play-in. The Rangers will not be a team of one player, and this is very important for the chances to win. Superwatch Latrine with Panarin? They play on one flank, but I think it is possible,” added TSN commentator Craig button.

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