The first results of Ancelotti in Real Madrid. Game discipline is lame, but Vinicius started to score


The first results of Ancelotti in Real Madrid. Game discipline is lame, but Vinicius started to score

Just two thoughts of Carlo Ancelotti after the match against Levante give a comprehensive idea of ​​the first results of his work at Real Madrid. First: “Vinicius is a great player. I don’t know if he will score a lot, but with his qualities he should. And it doesn’t matter if you go out at the base. Finishing matches is just as important as starting them. ” Second: “We were not lucky with the third conceded goal, in the first we had to defend better, and in the second we were left alone against three, this is unacceptable”.

These two thoughts fit into a small paragraph of the text, but behind them is the global contradiction of Real Madrid, which under Ancelotti can be difficult to eliminate.

On the one hand, Carlo is still one of the best in the world when it comes to adapting to the qualities of the players. He is a master of reanimation of decommissioned stars and a specialist in taking talented players to the next level. In the first two rounds of the Spanish Championship, Vinicius played 55 minutes and scored three times. He had the same number of goals in the last championship, where he played 1975 minutes. In the previous couple of seasons, the Brazilian established himself in the role of a bright dribbler, but absolutely unforgettable football player.

And at the same time Vinicius scores a goal like this. This may not be a masterpiece, but the blow is very difficult to execute, and most importantly – unexpected in design. Once at this angle to the goal, most footballers will think of a cross or a cross, not a kick. And all the more unforgettable Vinicius. The fact that he decided to break through from such an unobvious situation is already an indicator of changes. Well, executed, of course.

Bale and Isco at the heart of Real Madrid are another consequence of the Ancelotti factor. The previous coach tried to get rid of both. But with Levante, Bale scored, and Isco was one of the best in the team. It is not necessary to expect an outstanding season from both, but if they are just useful players who can regularly enter the base and be useful, this is already a strengthening.

On the other hand, Real Madrid are terrible in defense, and it is difficult to attribute this to tactics or formation. Levante’s second goal is especially significant. Miramon throws in, Real Madrid players are compactly located on the left half of the field. Alaba , Nacho , Militao , Vasquez are all shifted to the left. This is used by the Levante midfielder Campagna , who goes to the free zone at the far side of the field. And it turns out to be all alone.

Campagna appeared behind Vasquez’s back, but Vasquez plays against his direct opponent, winger Morales , who cannot be thrown in the middle of the penalty area. Campagna’s dash should be in control of Valverde . This is his player. But the attack of “Levante” is developing, de Frutos makes a cross, Campania is already swinging for a strike – and Valverde is still not in the penalty area. So Campagna became the author of a beautiful goal, and Vasquez became an anti-hero for the fans, although, of course, this is not about Vasquez. And in the absence of game discipline. Throwing your player like Valverde did is unacceptable.

The first conceded goal is not much better. It is difficult to explain why Nacho threw himself at Melero , although he had almost no chance to succeed , and Azar was already standing next to his opponent. Azar, by the way, passively watched the episode and did not try to indicate the pressure (but poor Casemiro ran between two rivals), but this is secondary: even if Melero played on Morales, but Nacho remained in position, the situation would not have been scoring. And the empty zone provoked a chain reaction, and Militao pulled out, the corridor appeared immediately at Morales, and then at Marty, who scored (funny that the closest to him was the same Vasquez, who had nothing to do with it). Error is acceptable. But notice how slowly Nacho returned.

And with the score 3: 2, “Levante” could kill the game: Cantero went one on one and hit the post. It is pointless to make claims to the defenders: Real were highly defended and, at the same time, did not put any pressure on the opponent’s half of the field. In this situation, defenders are victims of the situation: they receive passes behind the back to the jerks of opponents who do not need to turn around, and who have had time to accelerate. Like Cantero. The problem is the passiveness of the pressure. That is, it is again not about the scheme or tactics, but rather the fulfillment of the duties that the episode requires.

This is how things stand at Real Madrid: a great individual game in some episodes, and next to it – episodes of unacceptable hack. It is important not to go to extremes and not pay attention to just one thing. For example, not only Vinicius was pleasantly surprised. For example, Casemiro is a player who can intercept, put the body, even run to the penalty area and shoot – but have you seen a lot of such passes from him, as into the corridor against Vinicius, when Real Madrid scored the second goal? This pass is pure skill, and not from Casemiro’s profile, but from a playmaker. Suddenly.

Even the score itself suggests that there is still a draw between the merits and demerits of the new team. For every pleasant surprise, there is an unpleasant one.

While it seems that this season in the Spanish championship, you will not need to score under 100 points to win the title. No, it looks more like all contenders have game problems, and this draw at the start does not mean anything. There is time to eliminate the shortcomings.

But the point is that the frequent loss of concentration and, in general, the lack of discipline in the game is not like grinding the coach to the players. In recent years, this problem has generally been inherent in Ancelotti. In Bayern, where great professionals and great masters are gathered, the players did not have enough lessons and they trained additionally on their own initiative (this is one of the reasons for the conflict with the players). In Napoli, Ancelotti also failed to cope with the team and left amid the conflict. After a strong start in the Premier League, Everton lost ground in the second half of the season, regularly making ridiculous mistakes in defense and giving opponents goals.

One of the most awarded coaches in the history of football, he does not build complex systems and develops a creative approach in his players. But, firstly, football itself has changed somewhat during its work, becoming more systemic, and secondly, its liberal approach to the training process no longer always works. The players may adore him for it (as they did last time at Real Madrid) or dislike him (as at Bayern Munich), but in the end it is simply more difficult for them to maintain concentration during matches. To change this, Ancelotti will need to change something in himself. In his training method and strategy of attitudes towards players. It doesn’t sound very likely, but the more interesting it will be to watch.


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