The first victory Kudashov. Team Russia defeated the Swedes


We have learned from bitter defeats from the Finns in the Karjala Cup and won the “Tre Kronor”. Even with the adventures, shootouts 5:4, three times leading by two goals. This victory was the first for Alexei Kudashov, the post of chief coach of the national team.


Alas, the premiere Kudashov as a steering team turned out blurry. Stupid removal and Libertines on their patch distorted the outcome of the match with the Finns. Our lost 3:4.

The Swedes, by the way, is also a new coach Johan Garpenlov in the first half of the 1990s played in a trio with Sergey Makarov and Igor Larionov in the “San Jose”. “Tre Kronor” in Leksand he embarrasses made the match of the tournament against the Czechs – 1:3.

After a misfire with the Finns under rotation hit defender Cherepanov, who is praised in Yaroslavl, and forwards kadeikin had and Makeev. In link with Soshnikova came the railroad Alekseev and Kayumov, as well as the 13th forward Kudryavtsev.

We immediately pressed gate of Hallberga. Slepyshev has launched a powerful fist. After a sumptuous poperechnoi transmission Okulov his teammate put the puck in the far corner.

“The kid” Jafarov showed how to dig in the slot. Sergeyev left, the goalkeeper parried, avtozavodets was here.

The Russians have shown remarkable gaming appetite. Tried very hard Shumakov, sometimes his emotions overwhelmed mind. This applies not only to omich.

Removal – our beach. Blazhievskii, Semenov, Shumakov, Fazylzyanov to gloss rubbed the bench in the penalty box.

As in the match with the Finns, the Russians punished by the bullet. However, in this episode Okulova for a foul no blame. He saved goal after a fine combination opponent. Kleinberg converted a free throw, the arms ex-Avtozavodtsev was faster clubhead guitar Bobkov. Thanks Semenov, realizowanego numerical advantage. He finished off the puck in spades after a spectacular podplavleniya Jafarova. Scored our second brigade of the majority.

In the third period suffered Shvets-Rogovoy, he hit the Board on the bench, bruised neck was treated with ice.

The Swedes really did not want a second consecutive defeat. Left for a minute five together against three rivals, they 19 seconds brought the puck Bobkov. Distinguished Kazan “bars” Wikstrand.

Soshnikov responded with a goal in the majority. Threw the main sniper of the KHL championship is not his favorite position – from the right faceoff circle (she was chosen team captain Anton Burdasov), and from the opposite flank. And hit right into the top corner. Praise and Kuzmenko for technical pokidko.

Negligence on the patch Blazhievskii and Mishchenko led to the third goal Bobkov.

A 2 minutes and 17 seconds “Tre Kronor”, replacing the goalkeeper, equalized. Long shot, traffic in front of the goalkeeper, the rebound to get.

Unfortunately, goalies Bobkov and losers Finns Bocharov not impressed.

For our overtime – offset. The last three minutes they drove the Swedes created some half-chances, but ended up in shootout. And they, as evidenced by the statistics of the KHL, not a ridge of the Russian goalkeeper. But Eurotrip is different.

16 attempts it took the opponents to determine the winner. Effectively scored Shumakov, Hansson and Openers. Throw residents and first scorer in the CHL with a shovel brought the coveted victory.

source: “Soviet sport”

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