The flamboyant Premier League footballer quarreled with partners over a penalty kick. Looking forward to Richarlison at PSG?


The flamboyant Premier League footballer quarreled with partners over a penalty kick. Looking forward to Richarlison at PSG?

We recently wrote about how the new Everton coach is building the team amid threats from fans. Only three rounds have passed, and the club is shaken by a new scandal – already within the team.

Benitez’s team played the next match in Brighton. The match was going very hard. After a goal in the first half, the local team strongly pressed Everton to the goal – when Seamus Coleman suddenly earned a penalty kick in the counterattack. It was supposed to be played by Dominic Calvert-Lewin , who had already successfully shot from a point in the previous game, against Leeds – but Richarlison took the ball for himself .

Richarlison is Everton’s main star. Speaking at Goodison Park, the Brazilian earned his first call to the national team, and eventually became one of the leaders of the Selesao. This summer, Richarlison played as many matches for the Brazilians as possible in two important tournaments: first he helped to reach the final at the Copa America, and then – to win the Olympics. Even James Rodriguez , who came to Liverpool at the end of his career, does not have such a status .

Top Richarlison really wanted to shoot a penalty and even took the ball in his hands. Andros Townsend knocked him out from under the Brazilian’s arm , after which the Brazilian was reassured by almost the whole team.

Calvert-Lewin did realize the penalty with a billiard shot, and even during the celebration, Richarlison was far from jubilant.

It is curious, what is the reason for such a destructive desire of Richarlison to break through from the “point” not even at the home stadium – especially considering that some week ago he was absolutely calm about Calvert-Lewin’s attempt. Probably, the Brazilian wanted to say goodbye to the team in which he became a star, with a goal – at least from a penalty spot.

Almost all the time that Richarlison has been playing for Everton, top clubs have been competing for him. Now the Brazilian can change the club thanks to Kylian Mbappa – and this can be facilitated by both the transition and non-transition of the Frenchman. PSG sees in the leader of Everton the best replacement for Mbappe – but if the deal on him does not take place, then just Real Madrid can be satisfied with the acquisition of Richarlison. Carlo Ancelotti coached Everton before Real Madrid, and back in July, according to Goal, the coach supported the option with its acquisition.

Cheap “toffee” will not let their leader go: the contract with the club from the Brazilian was signed until 2024. But due to financial fair play, the club has to sell someone in order to be able to spend money on the players. Everton plans to bail out € 100 million for Richarlison, so perhaps PSG’s current trade in Mbappe is connected with the desire to find funds to buy a replacement for their striker.

And this trick of Richarlison is not a stupid whim, but a desire to beautifully say goodbye to the club. Alas, it turned out the other way around.


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