The former coach of Russia told about the health problems


The head coach “Olympiacos” David Blatt, who previously worked with the Russian national team, spoke about the health problems he has faced in recent times.

Sometimes life throws us into situations that we cannot understand and explain. In such cases, you have to make a choice that tests your will.

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is a disease that has many forms and different people have manifested in different ways. This disease autoimmune system, which may largely change the quality of your life and ability to perform even the most mundane functions in ways that always seemed perfectly normal to you.

Despite the shock and pain that engulfed me, I realized that my life will be different now, but at the same time took a firm decision not to give up. I had to adapt to the new situation and find ways to continue a normal life. The first thing I did was back to my coaching methods of tackling problems and overcoming difficulties. This is my three-step process. 1) What is the problem? 2) the cause of the problem? 3) How do we fix this?

At my age the disease manifests itself in weakness in the legs, increased fatigue. To stay on his feet for me is a pretty heavy task. I started to do special exercises and became involved in the pool. I try to be more active, by being active in even the most simple exercises. I continue to work and demand more.

I do not know the cause of this disease, so I try to maximize the efficient use of all resources to improve their condition. It’s easy to fall into depression. However, the fight against this disease is real. Of this infection there is no cure, but it is not fatal. You need to be courageous and strong to fight and never give up.

How do we fix this? We are going to work. Constantly work. Going to educate themselves, to look for people who can help us. You need to be honest and open with yourself. I do coaching. My objectives are leadership, training and direction of people. I don’t have to be physically strong or agile. I have a great team of doctors that will help me at any time. I can’t complain about this problem. It’s a waste of energy. I will ask my players to always try to be the best version of myself, and now I have to meet this requirement, — Blatt wrote in an open letter, which is published on the official website of Olympiacos.

Recall that David Blatt has worked with the Russian national team from 2006 to 2012. Under his leadership the national team became the winner of Eurobasket 2007. At the Olympics in London, Russians won the bronze medal.

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