The funeral dance of the Black Mamba. The Memory Of Kobe Bryant


Not get used to the idea of the death of Kobe Bryant. Human death can be anything, but the only property that is typical for death is always a certainty. Before her silent ruthlessness lose their privileges notions of status, age, life experience and all that we are so often baked.

Early departure from life did not reset the outstanding legacy of Kobe Bryant, but none of its many jewels is unable to help realize and measure the degree of loss. To give the surface the assessment of the need to operate with concepts of a fixed value, something that is at rest. In the case of Bryant, it’s impossible, because the character, mentality, his whole being was in the process of perpetual motion. And there is a strong feeling that this process is ongoing right now.

Throughout basketball and postassembly career of Bryant, we were just spies, while Kobe saw and counted their own actions, goals and methods of achieving them several steps ahead. The same thing is happening now. Mourning trance, in which resides the whole world, looking at the wreckage of the collapsed in Calabasas helicopter is ours, today outlined a clear time frame in which Bryant was always crowded.

To begin your throwing workout at 5:30 in the morning, you either have to be punctual hostage to time, any person who adapts itself under the temporary rules. Don’t know about you, but I find it hard to imagine Bryant in the role of somebody’s hostage. It seems that in the system of values Bryant had no constants, and that the uniqueness of Kobe. Bryant at each successive title, the defeat, the scandal, the record only saw another opportunity.

That was when 19-year-old Philadelphia student came into the League and said that will be the player who gets closest to the manner of playing and achievements of Michael Jordan. What came out of it, see for yourself.

So it was with Colorado incident that jeopardized the marriage of Kobe and his wife Vanessa. With the player was cleared of all charges, and the couple the Bryants became one of the model in the volatile and heterogeneous world of the NBA.

So it was in the period of his open and violent confrontation with Shaquille O’neal, the result of which was the departure center in the “Miami heat”, in which O’neill has become a 3x NBA champion, and then did not get tired to remind you of this Coby. Simultaneously, the “Los Angeles Lakers” began to doubt Kobe and his impact on the club.

So it was actually formalized by the exchange of Bryant in the “Detroit pistons” in 2007. the Lakers were ready to give Kobe for Rip Hamilton, Tashana Prince, Amir Johnson and a 1st round pic. Then Bryant took the option in his contract and killed the deal, saying that his entire career will dedicate a single team which intends to win a few titles.

So it was hundreds of times. Nevertheless, the brilliance of scales of a Black Mamba was fascinated by even his haters. Kobe Bryant as no one knew how to translate their controversial qualities in the enchanting action. They acted as the poison, which intoxicates and hypnotizes but deadly in large quantities. Only Kobe knows the exact dosage, which introduced the viewer into a state of sweet coma, from which you seem to want to get out, but unable to resist.

Examples of thousands. Egocentrism, erected in the absolute, in fact it allowed us to see the most productive individual achievement since the days of Wilt Chamberlain. 81 points add to cart “Toronto” has become a part of the history of the canadian club as his last year’s championship. Merciless last contract Kobe and his unwillingness to go for financial concessions in order to relieve the payroll home club, in the end turned the brightest ever seen farewell matches: 60 points for “Utah” and the subsequent final speech with the unforgettable “Mamba Out”.

Kobe has always changed, it never froze, finding new forms. In this he surpassed even the greatest. Jordan we know as His Airness and perceive it in the game via the prism of divine status, which so clearly expresses the statue in front of the “United Center”.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not only the leader in total points in the NBA, but also the personification of racial reform in the country’s history, a publicist, doing everything for the benefit of the community. LeBron — animal power and strength, a symbol of joining the sport business solutions, now it is not only the jungle, where either you, or you and the beast of capitalism.

These portraits can easily sketch for each of the canonical players in the NBA, but not for Kobi, which is constantly reimagining itself, in basketball and basketball in itself. One of these reincarnations was the poem Bryant’s “Dear basketball”, which then was removed a short animated film, awarded an Oscar in 2018 year.

Then Kobe was reborn as a mentor and publisher of the book series “The Wizenard”, where the inhabitants of the infant universe seems to be argued on philosophical topics and their practical application. Another embodiment of irrepressible interest to basketball, life and constant reinvention was supposed to be a 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Kobe, who also was among the victims of the disaster. Mamacita, as they called it Bryant, showed a genuine interest in basketball, and the seriousness of its intentions to play in the WNBA spoke not so much the words of her father, as her behavior in public and at home.

Bryant paradoxical, despite the scale of the figure. Surprisingly, after so many years of self-improvement, polishing their own skills and outstanding achievements Kobe Bryant impossible to catch in the consistency called faceted diamond. Perhaps because the majestic was Coby, the wider the boundaries of its activities.

Of course, first and foremost, we will remember him in purple-and-gold uniform with a basketball in his hands, but how many images will hover around, giving rise to new meanings and what was Kobe Bryant and what role it played in the lives of those who had the privilege of watching him. Since yesterday, Bryant finally became an international treasure, a cultural phenomenon, a large and well-known name, bio, and the influence which at all desire can not fit into the dimensions of the basketball court.

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