The General Director of “Khimki”: “Why do we need this RFB without the rights and powers?”


General Director of “Khimki” Pavel Astakhov commented on the fact that the champion of Russia on basketball is determined not by the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), and VTB United League.

Season of VTB United League-2019/20 was completed ahead of schedule due to the coronavirus. At the time of stop of the season Khimki won first place in the regular season, but in the VTB United League noted that the winner of the tournament will not be determined. Later in the RFB reported that the VTB United League needs to determine how to identify the winners of the championship of Russia.

If I understand correctly, the official statement of the RBF, it is possible to draw the following conclusion: on the territory of the Russian Federation of the champion of Russia among men is determined not by the RFB, which, by its Charter, adopted in full accordance with the law on sport, is responsible for the Russian basketball, and the commercial League, in our case, VTB United League, which delegated the right to host the championship of Russia among men’s teams. And why rights have been delegated in this volume that RBF has no voice? Who in the end the ultimate beneficiary? — said Astakhov.

— What if after some time, the RBF will give the right to the championship some other commercial League, such as foreign sponsored, as was the case in the recent past with PBL where the main sponsor was the Turkish company BEKO? What then? Then, too, the champion of Russia will determine the commercial League with a foreign sponsor? It turns out that the RBF has no rights and powers on the territory of the Russian Federation? But it’s nonsense. Why do we need this RFB?

At the time of stop of the season-2019/20 of the League “Khimki” have won 18. Coming in second place CSKA celebrated 15 victories.

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