The goalkeeper, who was hit by lightning, gave his first interview


In the days of Ivan Zaborovsky was discharged from the hospital. He spent several days in the burn ward after in early July during a training session at the stadium in Orekhovo-Zuyevo in the lightning. Вратарь, в которого попала молния, дал первое интервью

Ivan zaborowski and coach Anton Bass who saved him. Photo:

After returning home, Ivan went to Church. But the temple he had visited before, before everything happened.

— Soon talk to the priest that prayed for me when I was in the hospital, explains Ivan. And remember, when you first came to the place where he was struck by lightning.

I saw the charred piece of turf. Scary and unpleasant… But in General I only remember the beginning of the day out of the house. Training is where it all happened, not preserved in memory.

Ivan saved the coach Anton Bass, who until the arrival of the ambulance gave him artificial respiration and indirect heart massage. Bass later told me that t-shirt on Ivan burned.

— Yeah, I said t-shirt and shorts burned, all is smoked. I think the rest of his clothes thrown out when I was in the hospital. But the boots remained. However, they are fragmented…

And still have small scars on the neck: «This is from a chain — it’s the fuse. The lightning came out through the heel — it has a point. I have the ear one hears because of a concussion».

The doctors told Ivan that was in no hurry to return to the full trainings and listened to how the body behaves. In particular, for the first time can appear short of breath.

Code came out of the coma, recovered, gave me the phone. I looked and read how many people have supported me. There are no words! Thank you all — thanks Ivan.

Goalies Russian clubs recorded a video with words of support. Anton Shunin from Dynamo was invited to train with him. But Zaborowski particularly pleased to hear words of support from Guilherme, the goalkeeper of «Locomotive»: «Watching his game, social networks.»

Zaborowski wants to someday be in a top club:

For example, at Juventus, where he plays my idol Buffon.

And while Ivan’s first professional contract was signed by his hometown club — «Banner of Labor». It is the oldest football team in Russia last year, the club celebrated the 110th anniversary.

This is my second home. Glad to play here. Friends here and great coaches. It’s hard to tell when to play for the main team, but I’ll give it 100 percent. And I hope the coaches will see potential in me.

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