“The god of football didn’t let me lose.” José Mourinho’s 1000 matches


“The god of football didn’t let me lose.” José Mourinho’s 1000 matches

On Sunday, Roma beat Sassuolo 2-1, and this victory was especially important to one person at the Olimpico stadium – Jose Mourinho.

It was the thousandth match of his coaching career.

“For a week I lied to myself. I lied when I said it was not a special game, ”Mourinho told DAZN after the match. – But I tried to convince myself of the opposite, that for me this is a significant figure and I will definitely remember my thousandth game forever. I did not want to remember this as a defeat: I was terribly afraid to retain such a memory for the rest of my life. Today I am not 58, I am 10 or 11 years old. This is what you dream of when you start playing football. My race? This is what is characteristic of a child. “

“Thiago, our sports director, told me that justice was done: the god of football did not let Mourinho not win his thousandth game. And maybe he was right, ”added the Portuguese.

Many crossed the 1,000-game threshold, but of those who crossed it in the post-war era, only Mourinho managed to achieve a 63.8% win rate. He won 638 matches, achieved 205 draws and lost just 157 times.

Career Jose Mourinho

Benfica (2000)
Leiria (2001-2002)
Porto (2002-2004)
Chelsea (2004-2007, 2013-2015)
Inter (2008-2010)
Real Madrid ( 2010-2013)
Manchester United (2016-2018)
Tottenham (2019-2021)
Roma (2021-)

"The god of football didn't let me lose."  José Mourinho's 1000 matches

Mourinho started out as Sir Bobby Robson’s assistant interpreter at Sporting CP: they worked together in Lisbon for only 18 months before the head coach was dismissed. Robson got a job at Porto and brought Mourinho to him – the same thing happened when the Englishman moved to Barcelona in 1996.

“I owe him a lot,” the Portuguese said about Robson. – I was nobody in football when Sir Bobby Robson came to Portugal. Thanks to him, I worked in local giants, thanks to him I ended up in one of the most famous clubs in the world. It was he who showed me what a top coach should be. “

When Robson was appointed general manager of Barcelona, ​​Louis van Gaal took his place, and Mourinho took the position of assistant head coach. Together they won La Liga twice, after which Jose was invited to Benfica.

“When I spoke to van Gaal about returning to Portugal as assistant manager at Benfica, he said, ‘No, don’t go. Tell them: if you need a coach for the main team, then you go; and if they see you as a helper, then you will stay. ” I did just that, ”Mourinho said.

Career at Benfica was short-lived, but it ended not because of poor results, but because of an internal war in the club: Manuel Vilarinho really wanted to take the post of president of the club, so he fought with João Valle and Azevedo in every way . And in the end he won. Even before the elections, he promised to appoint Tony as head coach, so Mourinho, despite the victories, understood that he would not stay at Benfica for a long time.

Everything was decided after the victory over Sporting CP: then Vilarinho came in to congratulate Jose, but the Portuguese behaved in his own style – he threw his feet on the table and began to talk loudly with his wife. Only the assistant to the president received attention from him, to whom he said: “I only need a long-term contract, otherwise our paths diverge.”

Later, Mourinho regretted that he had behaved this way, but his feelings were unlikely to be comparable to those experienced by Vilarinho when, three years later, the Portuguese took the UEFA Cup from Porto, and then the Champions League.

In terms of performance, the time spent at Porto is only slightly inferior to the best segment of his career that fell on Real Madrid: in the Portuguese club, Mourinho won 91 matches out of 127, and in Spain – 128 out of 178.

Club M V H NS % V
Benfica eleven 6 3 2 54.5%
Leiria twenty nine 7 4 45%
Porto 127 91 21 15 71.7%
Chelsea 321 204 69 48 63.6%
“Inter” 108 67 26 15 62%
178 128 28 22 71.9%
“Manchester United” 144 84 32 28 58.3%
Tottenham 86 44 19 23 51.2%
“Roma” 5 5 0 0 100%

If you look at the individual periods of Mourinho’s work, the 2011/2012 season with Real Madrid was the best in his career: 46 wins out of 58 matches in all competitions (79.3%). The second most important season is the 2002/2003 season with Porto – 77.4% of victories (41 out of 53). But the most unsuccessful was the very last year with Chelsea – 36% of wins.

Most of the trophies he won came in the period from 2002 to 2013, with the exception of the 2007/2008 season with Chelsea, which was the only one in all this time when Mourinho was left with nothing.

Club Season Trophies
Benfica 2000/01
Leiria 2001/02
Porto 2001/02
2002/03 Portuguese Champion, Portuguese Cup, UEFA Cup
2003/04 Champion of Portugal, Portuguese Super Cup, Champions League
Chelsea 2004/05 Champion of England, League Cup
Chelsea 2005/06 Champion of England, Super Cup of England
Chelsea 2006/07 FA Cup, League Cup
Chelsea 2007/08
“Inter” 2008/09 Italian Champion, Italian Super Cup
2009/10 Italian Champion, Italian Cup, Champions League
“Real Madrid” 2010/11 Spanish Cup
“Real Madrid” 2011/12 Champion of Spain
“Real Madrid” 2012/13 Spanish Super Cup
Chelsea 2013/14
Chelsea 2014/15 Champion of England
Chelsea 2015/16
“Manchester United” 2016/17 League Cup, FA Super Cup, Europa League
“Manchester United” 2017/18
“Manchester United” 2018/19
Tottenham 2019/20
Tottenham 2020/21
“Roma” 2021 / –

The last time Mourinho won something in the 2016/2017 season – as many as three trophies with Manchester United: the League Cup, the FA Super Cup and the Europa League. Since then, nothing. And if this season he does not win something against Roma, the trophy-free series will stretch for five years.

Today Jose will discover a new tournament – the Conference League. No one else has had such a trophy. Why not Special take it first?

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